Fireworks by Jill Wellington and Edna Mae Holm

***image1***The next time you attend a fireworks display on July 4th, you might wonder how those shimmering bursts of blues, greens, reds and purples may look from heaven. With their first novel, Fireworks, mother and daughter author team, Edna Mae Holm and Jill Wellington have taken the genre of the murder mystery one step further by intertwining classic detective sleuthing with the wisdom of the New Age. The authors revolve their story around a seasoned, no nonsense homicide detective, Webb Hannis. They unfold the book’s true message of spirituality and the notion of synchronicity as the story follows Hannis through his journey in solving the murder of Marc Lazare, President of the Lazare Fireworks Company.Hannis is known to have reliable sleuthing hunches. However, after suffering a head injury in a car accident, he suddenly finds out the source of those hunches which turns out to be Samuel, the detective’s own congenial, lighthearted spirit guide. Throughout the rest of the story, Samuel explains to Hannis the concepts behind spirit guides along with heaven’s reasoning as to how and why things happen.***image2***Samuel teaches Hannis that when in need guidance, it’s important to ask a simple question and listen for the answer to come from within. As the spirit guide loyally remains by the side of the battle-worn detective, the authors equip Samuel with short quips throughout the story that pin point the messages of spirituality and synchronicity such as: the necessity to ask guides for help, lessons in patience in order to be at the right place at the right time, the significance of dreams, negativity’s hindrance upon enlightenment, and the importance of not always knowing everything we would like to know — a process which helps us to learn and discover new things while we are on the earth.Fireworks leads the reader into the fascinating world of the fireworks industry. The plot is infused with multi-faceted twists and turns as the act of murder snowballs into greater and equality nail biting circumstances which hover around the tight-lipped Lazare family which owns the Lazare Fireworks empire. Wellington and Holm have written a truly original page-turner and just as you think the ending is near, the authors throw in even more surprising twists and turns. Fireworks is the first of a series of novels written by the mother and daughter team based on their detective character, Webb Hannis. There is no doubt this book will leave the reader inspired, intrigued and wanting to read the second in the Wellington/Holm series. Lastly, it will leave the reader mesmerized by the magic of the sparkling colors all fireworks have to offer — along with their unexpected connection to the divine.

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by Clarissa Tallon
Jill Wellington earned a Bachelor of Arts degree in Journalism and Public Relations from Ohio State University. From there, she reported radio news for four years. She was an award winning news reporter for WNEM/TV-5 in Saginaw, Michigan for fourteen years. Edna Mae earned a Bachelor of Arts Degree in Speech and Drama with a minor in English and Education from Mundelein College in Chicago. She sang professionally in that city for many years.