Monthly Channeled Essay by Asandra: Your Highest Fulfillment

Your Highest Fulfillment

A channeled essay by Asandra © 2004

***image1***As souls move into a higher plane of awakening it becomes necessary for the personality of the individual to make certain adjustments. The desires of the personality must take a backseat to the desire of the soul. Your soul, which is really who you are in essence, knows what it needs to complete its awakening. The personality, on the other hand, attempts to compensate for a lack of fulfillment in ways that the conscious mind thinks will bring satisfaction. But the truth is that only your soul, which is pure and perfect and complete, can know perfectly what is required for your highest fulfillment.

The opportunity of this lifetime is to align individuals with the grandeur of knowing truth. Truth is not the same as a fact which is always changing. Truth is absolute, eternal, and unchanging. But in order for an individual to recognize this highest knowledge, he must relinquish the personality-based ideas that he possesses. These ideas, although attempts at finding completion and wholeness, in fact delay the process of awakening. This is because they are substitutes for the actual thing that brings fulfillment. Fulfillment, however, is not something that is based on a particular set of circumstances manifesting even though this is the common belief. The truth is that fulfillment happens when the soul is aligned with its highest purpose.

This can be confusing at times. Many people believe that their soul’s purpose has to do with what kind of work that they do. They think that if they are in a position to save the world somehow, then they are being purposeful. It may well be that your expression in this life involves helping other souls find their fulfillment, but this is not your purpose. Your expression in life is a way that you fulfill your purpose but it is not the purpose itself.

***image2***All souls ultimately have the same highest aim, but not all souls are ready to embrace this discovery of awakening within themselves. The most important requirement is to relinquish the ideas that you have that are personality-based. Many individuals on a spiritually oriented path still believe that they are earthbound and subject to the laws of third dimensional time and space and therefore, limited. As long as you continue to believe this, you will be limited. Therefore, you must be in a position of absolute openness to receive guidance, illumination, direction, inspiration, and enlightenment. Do not think that if you release your personality-based desires that you will be denied happiness. The problem is not in the things that you want. The problem is in how you think you acquire those things.

You see, if you follow your soul’s highest pathway of fulfillment, all of those personality-based desires, if they are authentic, will come to pass. But to try to acquire those things through external coercions of life is a misunderstanding of what the true path is.

So, in order to find your way to that greater truth, which is your soul’s fulfillment, you have to lay aside your desperate attempts to create happiness. Follow the soul implicitly and then allow yourself to be the recipient of your true fulfillment.

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