Pacha’s Pajamas – A Story Written By Nature

Pacha’s Pajamas – is a real treasure for children, parents, and teachers. Set against one girl’s adventures in nature, interacting with animals, this lively tale will capture kid’s imaginations. But it will also teach them about the environment and the global community, and leave them feeling engaged and empowered to make a difference in the world around them. Authors Aaron Ableman and Dave Room have really tapped into the spirit of the times, asking the most important question facing us all: how can we save this planet that we love?

The answer, as Pacha learns, is that we are all connected, and that every child can make a difference. Children will love the story, the illustrations, and the interactive features. Parents will love seeing their kids get up off of the couch and go outside to recreate Pacha’s adventures, and teachers will love the educational tools and resources highlighted at the end of the book, and online. In fact, this book is taking education to a whole new exciting level. Pacha’s Pajamas is an inspirational win, win, win, for all three groups.

Dave Room— Dave’s most important identifier is as Melia’s Papa. He is a change agent, storyteller, and author with a MS and BS from Stanford. Dave has worked on the innovative edge of a number of disciplines including revenue management, environmental performance, eCommerce, and now kid’s edutainment. He has held leadership roles in several tech startups, and is currently the CEO of BALANCE Edutainment.

Aaron Ableman — Aaron is a widely celebrated entertainer, author, and ecologist. He has worked with Mos Def, Talib Kweli, Cypress Hill, Raffi, K’NAAN, Joan Baez, etc. From India to Haiti, he has produced award-winning education and entertainment programs. He is the Chief Visionary Officer at BALANCE Edutainment.

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review by Cheryl Shainmark