Psychosomatic Illness, by Venka Heard

Your own body is the best guide you have to becoming healthy. If you take the time to listen to what your body has to tell you, and believe me it is always talking to us, you would be able to understand why you get ill.

”The person who has a permanently scowling face did not produce that by having joyous, loving thoughts”.

Every cell within your body responds to every single thought you think and every word you speak. Continuous modes of thinking and speaking produce body behaviours and postures and eases or ‘dis-eases’. The person who has a permanently scowling face did not produce that by having joyous, loving thoughts. The faces and bodies of older people show so clearly a lifetime of thinking patterns.

When we become ill it is a sign of suppressed emotions, feelings of anger, hurt, sadness and guilt. All of our negative emotions come from fear and instead of getting rid of these negative feelings we store them in our body. In fact we nurture them like we do a newborn baby. This prevents energy flowing freely and part of our bodies becomes blocked and eventually causes symptoms of illnesses and dis-eases.

Whatever you think or say, your body is listening to you and believes you. If you think, “I am sure I am getting a headache, I always catch any colds going around or I get stressed out every time I see my neighbour” your body will try to help you in what it believes you want to happen. I can predict with uncanny accuracy that when someone comes to my treatment-room complaining of sinus problems they find someone close to them irritating: either a partner, neighbour, friend or boss!

Whatever you think or say, your body is listening to you and believes you”.

There is always a pattern to each illness or complaint and the ones I will mention here are common enough to use for guidance, but do remember the best guide to what your illness means is your own intuition. It can be very difficult to get rid off our emotions and although this is the best way to heal ourselves.

The Bach Flower Remedies have an amazing effect, as they heal and deal with our emotions. I remember a lovely story told to me by my teacher in Bach Flower Remedies. A farmer’s wife came to her in despair, telling her about her husband’s irrational behaviour. He had become extremely bossy and was always critical and irritated by what she and other people were doing. As her husband thought any natural remedies was “rubbish”, she pretended that she was going for a consultation for her own problems.

She made him sign a cheque and off she went to see my teacher. From his writing on the cheque my teacher did a reading and found that he needed Beech and Impatiens. The wife went home and every day she put a few drops of the remedy in his orange juice. After a week her husband looked at her and said ” you know, I think those remedies you are taking may be working. You are a lot calmer and I don’t find you as irritating as you used to be.”

Lets have a look at some of the most common ailments and what they mean: [These are taken from You Can Heal Your Life, Louise L. Hay (or You Can Heal Your Life (AUDIOBOOK)]

Arthritis: Feeling unloved, resentment and criticism.

Asthma: Feeling stifled, suppressed crying, inability to breath for one’s self. Someone is smothering you with love.

Back problems: Lover back: Fear of financial supportMiddle back: GuiltUpper back: Lack of emotional support, Feeling unloved.

Bladder problems: Anxiety, holding on to old ideas. Being “pissed” off.

Blood Pressure: High: Longstanding emotional problem not solved.Low: Lack of love as a child. Defeatism. “What’s the use? It won’t work anyway.Cancer: Deep hurt, longstanding resentment, deep secret of grief eating away at the self.

Coughs: A desire to bark at the world. “See me! Listen to me!

Earache: Anger. Not wanting to hear. Too much turmoil.

Headaches: Invalidating the self. Self-criticism. Fear.

Every illness comes from a negative emotion and I believe everything that is negative is born out of fear. We have to start dealing with our fears and maybe then we can become healthy in body, mind and spirit.

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© Venka Heard 2004, London- published with permission from where article first appeared.

by Venka Heard
Venka is a ceritifed Reiki Master and Teacher; and is a member of The Reiki Association - UK. She practices from Sheffield- England; and is the founder of "The Art OF Transformation Ltd." for holistic treatments; which includes Distant Reiki Healing, and Distant dowsing for Bach flower remedies.