Relaxation and Meditation With Madeleine Singer

Dr Madeleine Singer, Dr Maddy, Dr Singer, relaxation techniqueCheck out these wonderful, soothing CDs from Madeleine Singer! The music is beautiful and relaxing, the sound quality is perfect, and the voice over suggestions from Ms. Singer are truly entrancing. You’ll find yourself in a better mood with more clarity, peace, and energy after just one listen.

Meditations in Sound and Light Meditations In Sound And Light

This CD uses specific colors and sounds to bring you peace, relaxation, and mental clarity. This process raises your energy level and consciousness. Listen to this CD while you are alone and in a quiet place in order to enhance the experience. With the introduction of this new CD series, Dr. Madeleine Singer has come full circle in her own search for the ultimate self. Her philosophy of changing ordinary into extraordinary has served to make her a dynamic and effective educator for personal productivity and performance. The entrancing voice of Madeleine Singer is recorded with the peaceful resonating music of Austrian flute virtuoso Gunther Wehinger.

Coping Skills for Caregivers

Being a caregiver can be highly stressful and an emotional roller-coaster. This spoken-word-with-music CD empowers you, as a caregiver, to maintain an attitude of love, compassion and acceptance while keeping your own life in balance. This album combines Steven Halpern’s specially composed music with Madeleine Singer’s exquisite voice, and guides you into gentle realms of understanding and inner peace.

Globally, Dr Singer currently works with “Fortune 500” Corporations, major universities, professional athletes, relationship trainings and groups of all sizes in the areas of relaxation techniques for transformational growth, creative thinking, stress management, productivity and effectiveness training. Her philosophy of Changing Ordinary to Extraordinary has served to make her a dynamic and effective educator for personal productivity and performance. Dr. Singer has produced and hosted two television series, “The Holistic Approach” and “Energetix.” She is also a health columnist for several magazines. She is the author of four books and numerous life changing CDs. She lives a whole and active life with residences in Palm Beach, Florida, New York City, NY and Park City, Utah.

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