Shift Your Life by David L. Cunningham with Linda Lee Ratto

Shift Your Life is a compelling memoir of one man’s personal journey of healing — part biography and part instruction manual, this book will open your eyes to the amazing power of energy healing. David Cunningham has a gift for healing and a gift for relaying his remarkable personal odyssey in a warm and humble manner. Shift Your Life is full of heart warming stories of how Mr. Cunningham has healed others and it becomes clear after just a few pages that by reading these stories we gather the steps we need to take toward our own healing.

True stories of healing are interspersed with the insights, milestones and synchronicities that guided the author along his path. Journal entries capture the dreams, premonitions and spiritual guidance that Mr. Cunningham received for years before he fully accepted his calling to heal. This culminated in a life shifting event in 1990 in which he was captured by Saddam Hussein’s army, and held hostage for over three months. It was during that period of captivity that Cunningham pledged to dedicate his life to helping others.

Alongside the memoir, the author explains what an average healing session is like, along with careful information about the chakra systems and the types of emotional blockages that can occur. His ideas about the types of attitudes and beliefs that cause these blockages are most insightful, as are the shift in belief that’s required — that’s the “shifting your life” part — changing to an emphasis of love and forgiveness for yourself and others.

Some basic ideas are covered here — reincarnation, the continuity of the spirit after death, the impact of negative thoughts upon the physical body — but these are ideas that bear repeating when you realize what an impact they have upon our bodies. Grasping these ideas leads to healing — it’s as simple as that. But not everybody gets it the first time they are presented with these ideas, nor the second time, nor the third time — and therein lies the beauty of Shift Your Life — it is one more wake up call and one more chance to hear the message and to heal.


Merlian News Podcast with Spiritual Healer David Cunningam

Shift Your Life by David Cunningham with Linda Lee Ratto

David Cunningham worked with a medical doctor who was an HIV specialist and during the day, David drew blood and counseled HIV and Aids patients. At night, he began his spiritual healing ministry by working with patients who had no hope for a medical cure. David’s reputation for healing reached Hayley Mills, the international actress and daughter of Sir John Mills. It was Ms. Mills’ incredible life-altering experience and the publicity of her story that launched David Cunningham’s career on both sides of the Atlantic Ocean.
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by Cheryl Shainmark