Sidewalk Oracle by Robert Moss

Robert Moss’s books are always wonderful — full of mystery and creativity, magic and glimpses of other worlds. But his newest offering, Sidewalk Oracle, seems to be particularly joyful. Sub-titled “Playing with Signs, Symbols, and Synchronicity in Everyday Life,” the emphasis here is on the playing. Filled with enchanting stories, examples of synchronicity, and other “winks” from the universe, the author captures the joy and wonder of being attuned to a broader, deeper reality.

Moss, the creator of “Active Dreaming,” has written several books about the power of dreams and synchronicity to heal and transform our lives. In Sidewalk Oracle, he invites the reader to become a kairomancer, or one who is receptive and ready to act upon those moments and messages that life (and our dreams) send us. Moss encourages us to listen to our soul and our dreams — and that pop song on the radio, the first bird of the morning, or the first conversation you overhear. Through games and activities, the reader is trained to enter into a marvelous world of amazing “accidents” and meaningful symbols that can lead to the right career, the right mate, or the right insight for the moment. If you are ready for a change or just to add some joy and enchantment to your days, then Sidewalk Oracle is the book for you.

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review by Cheryl Shainmark