Soul Star – Child of the Universe by Madeline K. Adams

Soul Star ~ Child of the Universe is a collection of quotes and poems from the Source and Soul Series. As the author, Madeline K. Adams, explains, “Allow yourself to dip into these pages and read the poems you feel drawn towards. They each carry a message for you to trust in the dark mystery of the feminine; calling you to follow your heart and trust in the subtle messages that speak to you in the language of your soul.”

This book is a wonderful follow up to Madeline’s last book, Odyssey of a Creatress, in that it helps the reader (male or female) connect with the feminine aspects of creativity and awareness. Nurturing the feminine through breath, solitary introspection, being present and learning to listen to your soul is made easier with these lovely poems and musings that guide the reader. Each passage has that feeling of activating, or quickening, the inner feminine spirit in each of us. Connecting to this inner part of the soul, listening to the mystery and the magic, leads in turn to an awareness that we are each a “soul star, a unique expression of cosmic source on earth.”

Madeline K. Adams is a Creatress who writes from her heart of feminine intelligence, creativity and soul consciousness. Her vision is to inspire others to walk the inner path that leads them into the heart wisdom of their soul. Madeline has taken this journey and awakened to the presence of the Creatress. She has been guided by words from the Creatrix and she has learned to trust in messages from her soul which she describes as “Words that arrive from the Source intelligence of the Creatrix as she speaks through me in words to touch into my heart.” Madeline is an intuitive Aquarian and Creatress of the Source and Soul Series. She lives in New Zealand.

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These poems are excerpts from her books ~

The Odyssey of a Creatress; The Sacred Dance of Soul & The Creatrix Awakens (2020)