Sound Healing with Mingtong Gu – Lesson Two: Welcome & Teaching on Love

Sound Healing with Mingtong Gu – Lesson two: Welcome & Teaching Love If you’ve been following along, you’ll know that we here at Merlian News are just crazy for the Sound Healing Course from Master Mingtong Gu and his staff at the Chi Center have put together a wonderful healing course that is available for online study at home. Whether you’re a professional looking for CEU credits, or an individual interested in healing and learning qi gong, this video/audio series is a must.

Lesson Two builds on Setting the Chi field from Lesson One, and amplifies the intention or pupose. As Mingtong Gu relates, “Let’s begin with a reminder that everything we are doing connects with the ultimate purpose. Even though our specific focus is on Sound Healing, we want to be continuously activating the ultimate purpose. Sound Healing is not just about making sounds or about making noise. It’s about activating the energy system of the Hun Yuan Chi body, allowing the source energy of wisdom, love, and peace to flow freely. It’s about the free-flow of healing energy. We summarize this with the mantra Hun Yuan Ling Tong.”

The section continues with a marvelous story about “installing” love into our systems — like software on a computer — and overcoming our old patterns of holding onto hurts, low self-esteem, grudges, and resentments. The goal of the Sound Healing course is identifying and clearing those old deeply held emotions from where ever they reside in the body. As you follow along with the video (or audio if you desire) Master Mingtong Gu does a wonderful job of guiding you to open your heart and let go of those old things that are making you ill or holding you back.

It all sets the stage perfectly for our next article on Lesson Three: Working with the Spinal Bone Marrow with Sound.

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