SPIRITUAL GAMES: “My Guide Is Bigger Than Your Guide” by Craig Junjulas

First Published In Sedona’s OPEN MIND January 1998

One of the common spiritual games we play is the concept of having greater authority and righteousness because the spirit being speaking to and through us is to be respected. Be it a famous deceased person, transcended master, angel, god, or goddess…. let the value of a channeling be in the words and the works themselves, not in the authorship claimed. I have met enough people in this field to know that claiming to associate with lofty beings or a famous spirit does not guarantee wisdom and spirituality, or even normality and civility.

This is not a criticism of usage. Nor is it name calling for name-dropping. This is merely a discussion about not getting caught up in a mind game wherein you elevate yourself above others in an act of insecurity. Like most psychological/spiritual games, playing ‘my guide is bigger than your guide’ is usually somewhat unconscious and not done with ill intent. In fact, giving credit to the spirit who you believe uttered words of wisdom, or composed a great poem, can be an act of humility. Spiritual beings do indeed speak to us, and through us, every day of our lives. When we are out of touch, it only means we are not paying attention to spirit in that moment. And it is a wondrous thing to be a conduit for love, wisdom and power to flow into the world. It also provides us an opportunity to practice detachment.

Imagine a violet ray streaming down to all life on earth; bringing a message of transfiguration, initiation and illumination. The average person only knows of their personality, so he or she may claim authorship; yet still be thankful of this creative gift and show a high degree of humility. People who have been taught to channel this light one way might say spirit guides are speaking through them. Others may believe it to be their own higher selves. Many were taught that angels or archangels of that ray are speaking through them. Another still, may claim it is a message directly from God.

In many instances what is claimed is based on the person’s social/religious upbringing and the psychological needs and limitations of the channeler in the moment. We can overcome our past programming of limitations and insecurities and allow ourselves to believe we have the right to bring through spiritual information and energy. As long as the message reaches humanity, the work is being done. The more we attach our sense of worth to the event, and judge others as less worthy because they are not conscious of their links, the greater our need for our own learning and healing.

A simple rule comes to mind regarding what to say… what to claim. If the voice you have learned to trust over the years tells you to give authorship to a particular being, then say it out loud and be willing to pay the price as well as accepting the rewards. But practice not being attached to the work itself and not caring who passed it along in the bucket brigade of bliss within that particularly colored ray. It all comes from the one light. The prisms that divide and display the separate colors only are there to help us assimilate it without getting too overwhelmed. The personalities that are used to disseminate higher power are also tools.

To be respected, respect the ways of all things, allow spirit to flow freely through you, and trust the love, wisdom and power channeled to speak for itself.

Craig Junjulas: Metaphysical Teacher, Clairvoyant, Author and Lecturer

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by Craig Junjulas
Craig Junjulas entered the metaphysical field in 1981 after spending seven years in scientific research and development for a Fortune 500 company. He is a metaphysical teacher, psychic consultant and spiritual counselor. Craig is a nationally recognized speaker and has hosted his own radio programs in New York and Arizona. He is the author of Psychic Tarot, with over 100,000 copies sold, and is the author of numerous articles on personal growth and psychic development. Craig currently resides in Sedona, Arizona with his wife, Ann, and he is the founder of the Sedona Metaphysical Spiritual Association.