Changing Lives: Sharing Our Transformative Experiences

A few years ago I wrote about a New York Times interview with Barbara Ehrenreich, author of several books including “Nickel and Dimed.” The interview focused on her most recent book, “Living With a Wild God,” a memoir detailing the author’s transformative experiences when she was in her teens. Having had numerous experiences myself, I found that her account caught my interest. In the last few years I have noted a vast increase in the number of people stepping forward to tell their sometimes other-worldly stories of wonder, enlightenment, and awe — in short, events that have changed and transformed their lives.

And those stepping forward come from a wide variety of backgrounds: from writer Barbara Ehrenreich to physician Eben Alexander; from lucid dreamer Robert Moss to mystic Sergio MagaƱa, on through cancer survivor Anita Moorjani and others. They all have one feature in common — an inexplicable transformative event that radically changed their lives. Actually, they all have another feature in common, and that is the desire to share their experiences. Each, in some way, has debated being silent about what transpired, sometimes for years, before ultimately coming out and telling the truth.

It is in the spirit of coming forward, sharing our truths and the stories of events that changed our lives, that Merlian News announces the formation of a new column, “Transformative Experiences.” From time to time in the months ahead, we will feature guest writers who have had their lives changed in some way that was unexpected and perhaps unexplained. It is our hope that their stories will inspire wonder and hope and perhaps give others the courage to tell their own story.

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Jeffrey Mishlove, PhD.

The Afterlife Report