Interview with Annette Muller, Energy Healer & Founder of Villa San Esprit

In the field of energy healing, Annette Muller is a name to remember. As the founder of Villa San Esprit, the first and only stationary hospital for energy healing in Germany, and the affiliated school for energy healing, École San Esprit, Annette has worked tirelessly to increase the awareness of energy healing methods that are able to provide benefits for everyone. Recently she was kind enough to answer some of our questions about her life and her work.

You mention on your website how a major car accident changed your life. What about this event led you to try energy healing?

Yes, that was quite an experience, an initiation really! It was a beautiful day, I was driving in Munich with my friend when a car ran a red light.  In that moment my life changed forever.  The car crashed into me with such force I was left with a sever neck injury that dislocated the atlas vertebrae. It irritated the spinal marrow which led to horrendous effects. I tried every kind of medicine you can imagine.  I started with the western modern approach, went to university hospitals as well as to chiropractors, craniosacral and osteopathy therapists and every other kind of alternative healing method I could find. My health got worse every day and I was told by the “medical professionals” that this kind of injury would leave me disabled, living out my days on pain medication and in a wheelchair.

One day my mother saw a TV show where they introduced spiritual healers and she insisted that I should try this.  Even though I did believe that some far out famous healer from the Himalayas or the like could perform the miracle I needed, I doubted that I would find healing through ordinary people that were on this TV show. But my mom kept nagging me, so I went and it helped.

What made you decide to learn how to do this healing yourself?

When I received these healing sessions I felt as if my ill fate had changed. I felt as if heavy curtains parted just a tiny little bit and a light came through. This meant so much for me, you can’t imagine, and I felt called. I felt called from that moment on. The healing sessions filled me with this strong conviction that I was getting my life back and that the direction of my destiny had changed as if I was a train that switched tracks. I decided to learn anything I could get my hands on. And I did. Through many healing sessions my health got better and better and I was able to travel and take classes, courses, workshops and trainings. I took a lot of courses and learned as much as possible. Many of the courses I took seemed like scams but even those were a kind of (valuable) experience. It was like digging the ground to get to the diamonds. To get there you need to shovel a lot of dirt.

Tell us a little bit about the new methods you have developed. How do they differ from traditional energy healing?

When I was 15 I had already started a regular meditation practice. I lived and studied the scriptures in Indian Ashrams for a long time. When I learned healing, my knowledge and what I had gained from meditation merged and I discovered the key to my inner healing power. I had spontaneous, outstanding and also exceptional results. I felt that I needed to structure and create a method to ground what I was doing. I called the method amazinGRACE.

amazinGRACE is where you actually touch people. We direct the healing power to the inner subtle architecture, the information or the blue print. This changes and so does the body. The second modality is SKYourself, it focuses on the emotions. Here the healer gets to know his own subtle emotional body and learns how to use his or her own emotional body as a powerful healing tool to release trauma and blockages fast and thoroughly. SKYourself can be used on oneself or other people.

In addition to a school, you’ve now opened a hospital. How does this work? What type of patient do you treat?

Actually it was the hospital first and the news about the great healing results spread by word of mouth.  People came from everywhere to get sessions over a longer period and stayed in the house. And still today all kinds of people come. Some simply long to feel better and others are really sick and are trying healing as their last hope. This I regard as hard work because it puts the healer under pressure. If people would try our methods first and at the beginning of an illness, they could most probably spare themselves so much suffering. But on the other hand, the most breathtaking and moving results are the ones where people have tried everything for many years and then they get cured by us. These are life changing experiences for both the patient and the healer, a treasure that stays engraved in the hearts.

How do you see energy healing integrating with modern medicine?

We have healers visit patients in hospitals. I have narrated one story of a patient waiting for a heart transplantation. Among other things, he had some bacterias attached to his heart and needed to take high doses of antibiotics. We specifically addressed the bacteria and the very next day the doctors did not find those bacterias on the heart anymore. Which of course was good on one hand and not at all surprising for us, but the doctors freaked out. The poor patient had to undergo exam after exam because the doctors wanted to find those bacterias, but in the end they could not. In the end they doubled the antibiotics, because they were convinced that the bacteria must be somewhere after all.

If modern medicine would be more open and would take those kinds of results into consideration as a possibility, then patients would suffer less and also the doctors would actually heal, not treat. I firmly believe that they all in essence want to heal and cure. If they would take the powers to heal into their practice this would be a revolution, an evolutionary revolution.

These are very turbulent times in the world right now. What role do you see for energy healing?  How can it help?

If you are healthy and strong, turbulences will not get you down so easily. You have less fear, less worry, you feel empowered instead of victimized. I am convinced that energy healing should actually be called intelligent and powerful healing because you use your mental powers to bring healing to another person. It is much, much stronger then prayer. People usually pray when they are powerless and helpless. With this kind of healing you are always connected to your own inherent power and so not very much can actually get to you.

When you are healthy and in your power you have so much more time, for yourself or to help other people or even be engaged in the change that you want to see in the world. You have so much more to offer if you are healthy and in good shape. It helps every aspect of life, if it is homemade turbulence in families, relationships or at work or if you look at it on global scale. Being in power means you are no victim, it means that you are in charge. It can change a life of disaster into a beautiful and blessed life.