How to Maintain Your Wellness Goals All Year Long

It’s no secret that we like to set wellness goals for ourselves at the beginning of the year. Even though these goals can include beneficial things like getting more sleep and having more relaxation time, many people struggle to maintain them. The best way to stay on track with your goals is to make a specific but adaptable plan that’s also affordable.

Start With Realistic Goals

The reason behind failed wellness goals can lie in how we think about our present and future selves, according to Psychology Today. While you may have made a goal to improve your health, it might not feel tangible if you don’t put some serious thought into it. The need for instant gratification can also put your goals in serious jeopardy. It’s recommended that you start with small, realistic goals that you incorporate into your daily schedule. As a matter of fact, you may benefit from taking the smart approach to your wellness, according to HealthAdvocate. This would include not only making your goals realistic but also specific, measurable and action-oriented as well. If you link in activities, it can make it easier for you to track your progress as well. Starting small also gives you the opportunity to create and stick to a budget.

Anticipate Dwindling Motivation

According to The Guardian, the majority of persons who make a resolution at the start of the year break them within a month or two. That means it’s normal to expect your motivation to start waning by February or March. You can plan for this by incorporating it into your wellness plan. Since you started off with small goals, fight the dwindling motivation by shifting your focus a couple of months in. If you’ve been paying more attention to your physical wellness, then how about switching to your mental wellness for a little while? This doesn’t mean you’ll be forgetting about physical activity. In fact, you can get the best of both worlds if you try some yoga combined with relaxing meditative exercises. This can also be a great time to assess your original plan and make tweaks where necessary.

Build a Support System

You’re less likely to give up on your wellness goals if you have someone else checking in on you. According to Shape, the buddy system might be exactly what you need to keep you on track. It starts with choosing your support system, letting them know what your goals are and how you’d like them to help. If they’re up for joining you at an early morning exercise class, then that’s great! You can go through the tough parts together and rejoice at your progress. If you’re on a tighter budget, how about taking a jog through the park together instead? All you’ll need to invest in are comfortable clothing and a good pair of running shoes. When shopping for men’s shoes, for example, remember to look for deals online. Using a deal site can net good savings and even cash back in some cases.

Track Your Progress

Sometimes it can be difficult to see the progress you’ve made while the year limbers on. This can increase your likelihood of calling it quits. The best way to nip that in the bud is to maintain a progress tracker. You can go old school and keep a journal, or you can download a few helpful and affordable apps that can record what you’ve accomplished. The advantage of using apps is that they’re usually able to provide more accurate data as well as a more comprehensive analysis. Even if you’re using an app, though, it might be good to record how you’ve been feeling. After all, wellness is not just about making physical changes but emotional and mental ones as well.

As you get ready to make a few wellness goals for the new year, be sure to set smart goals that you can maintain. Don’t be afraid to pull your friends into the plan so they can keep you accountable, and celebrate the small steps you make throughout the year.