Numerology for 2022: A Year for Healing by Stephen Thomson

“Numerology is the ancient study of the meaning of numbers. It tells what numbers are vibrating in your life…and what the vibrations could mean.” Barbara J. Bishop

The universal numerological cycle for 2022 is the 6th cycle. As with each cycle, specific issues come to the forefront and demand our attention. On a world scale, it’s no surprise that the focus this year will be on matters of wellness, a continuation of changes in ways and how people work, and with the emphasis being on doing work that represents a more straightforward representation of the evolution of our world. The year will also highlight the need for healing (emphasis on the need for), the need for open and reciprocal communication, and for the truth to be on hand. These are the themes and the underlying energy behind world events, and the backdrop to our personal lives for the next twelve months.

To better understand the universal sixth cycle, it’s necessary to talk about the cycle as it manifests on a personal level. For example, if your personal year for 2022 is the sixth cycle, how you are dealing with your body will become a priority. Sit with these questions and allow them to navigate you to your next steps: “How does my body feel and how do I feel in this body? How can I take better care of this physical vessel? How am I giving back to this body that continues to support and sustain me?”

Work and career will be a noticeable theme, too. Many people change jobs or careers in the sixth cycle. By far, the most important question to ask with regards to your career is: “Am I in alignment with my innermost desires and living them as my truth? As I think of myself moving through this world, am I showing up, living up to my responsibility and being honest to myself in every way?”

The number six also encompasses the energy of the healer, counselor, and therapist. It’s one more piece to the sixth cycle that can be exciting or challenging for many people. Again, if you are in a sixth personal cycle, others will ask you to act in any one of these ways. I remember a year my daughter was in this cycle, and she related how overwhelmed she was feeling. Inline at the grocery store, the person next to her told her their life story. She was on a plane, and sadly, the woman next to her had just lost her husband and spent the trip processing his death with my daughter.

The sixth cycle asks this of us: In what ways will the world be challenged to act with empathy, healing, and loving energy?

The energy for the cycle we live in this year – the sixth cycle – was put in place in 2016. In numerology, there are nine one-year cycles. The first cycle is a time for planning seed energy for the following eight cycles, culminating in the ninth cycle – the completion year. For the world, 2016 was such a watershed moment in world events. In a broader sense, we can expect the focus of healing energy on the planet during this year to reflect the events of 2016. (You may want to take a moment to think about what happened in 2016.)

As the year has already begun, the sixth cycle energy is deeply reflected on many events. In the United States, for instance, a record number of people have quit their jobs this year. “The Great Resignation” in our country is an example of the influence of this energy, albeit on a personal level. Audie Cornish, the co-host since 2012 of NPR’s daily news magazine, “All Things Considered,” announced she would be leaving… “It’s time for me to try my hand at new journalism projects and embark on new adventures.” This is an excellent example of someone following their inner voice by finding work that better represents their truth.

Now that we have the awareness about this year’s themes and energy, how do we engage with it to create the best scenarios in our lives? How do we come into harmony with the energy of the sixth cycle to manifest what we want this year? As with anything that requires ascension, we must start with building a strong foundation – our health. The questions to ask ourselves this time could be as simple as: Are you getting enough exercise and eating the right food?

The second idea is to sit down and take time to analyze our work. Think of work in terms of service to others and the world we live in. “Is there something inside you that has not been fully actuated?” This cycle is about honoring our truth by consciously choosing to walk the path that leads to our purpose. The saying, “follow your bliss” is our soul’s way of reminding us of our mission. Now is the time to act.

Finally, part of this awareness is being sensitive to others and extending love and support to those who need them. The energy of six is a cosmic reminder that we are always presented with opportunities to heal and be an instrument of healing to the collective.

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Stephen Thomson is a well-known psychic, writer and teacher. He specializes in, the Tarot, Kabbala, Meditation, and explorations of eastern mystical teachings and practices. Steve specializes in uncovering the source of mastery within, inner well-being and self-actualization that so many strive for, but few attain. His passion and focus are the subjective experiences of the spiritual path – especially the ones people experience that are seemingly beyond belief. He loves sharing his experiences and loves to hear from others. He currently lives in Savannah, Georgia. You can reach him through his website,


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