Eating for Beauty by David Wolfe

It’s that time of year again, when we resolve to make the life changes that will help us to look and feel our best. Increasingly, we know that you are what you eat, and that true health starts with the content and quality of that food — whether it’s organic, or overly sugared and processed, a “Superfood” or a raw diet, each affects the way you look and feel.David Wolfe

One of my favourite beauty nutrition books is “Eating For Beauty” by David Wolfe– a raw food enthusiast. It is beautifully illustrated, and is laid out in an easy to read format.

There are fascinating Kirlian photographs taken by Christopher Wodtke, of the fruits and vegetables showing the energy field surrounding them. Christopher is an electrical engineer and Kirlian Researcher. During the last decade, he has been working with Kirlian photography-to show the subtle energies that are visible around living and non-living objects (see

Eating For Beauty by David WolfeThis book is filled with information about the importance of good nutrition. There are clear explanations on exactly what zinc, iron, chromium, manganese and certain minerals do for the body and which foods supply these nutrients. Further it explains how MSM is a potentiator which assists all nutrients and supplements to work better in the system and the importance of sulphur and silicon for the hair, nails and skin while protecting the bones.

“Sulfur is an essential component of all connective tissue. Collagen is the protein found in the connective tissue and also in the bones and teeth. Sulfur-rich collagen is the most common protein in the body. Collagen retains fluid and provides elasticity and flexibility to the tissues.” Some of the foods that supply natural Sulfur are: garlic, hemp seeds, radishes, pumpkin seeds, spirulina, horseradish, cabbage and even blue-green algae.

There are exotic recipes like: Hair-Building Salad Dressing Skin-Glow Sulpher Salad Silicon Beauty Salad Anti-oxident Soup

The beauty products recommended by David Wolfe are listed in the back of the book, where one is able to purchase black sesdame seeds. They are “…a n excellent source of calcium and B vitamins, it is used in traditional Chinese medicine for mitigating premature gray hair, and to nourish and fortify the liver and kidneys…”.

One can purchase organic coconut oil from Dr. Bronner which is an anti-oxident and there is an informative explanation about the healing aspects of this amazing oil. Also available in their shells are macadamian, pecan and walnuts which have generous amounts of omega-3’s. There is even a special nutcracker for the really hard nuts (it actually works.)

Raw Cacao www.sunfood.comDavid Wolfe keeps researching and traveling the world looking for foods that are pure and raised organically. i.e. Raw organic chocolate – ” A recent study showed that only one out of 500 people who thought they were allergic to chocolate actually tested positive. It is typically the case that the person is in fact allergic to milk and dairy products.”

David has introduced the reader to the delights of raw wild Goji berries. These berries contain 18 kinds of amino acids and up to 21 trace minerals, they are one of the richest natural sources of Beta Carotene. He has also brought our awareness to the goodness of raw cashews, unsprayed Incan berries and raw Peruvian Olives – buying them supports small Peruvian family farms.

This is a book I constantly refer to and have given to many people as a gift. The only problem is the book is so popular, it sells out very quickly. So buy a few extra copies, and give to your friends as presents.

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