Achieving Harmony in the Workplace by Sahar Huneidi

The following is an extract form a Harmony & Balance report I conducted on a business and their offices to assess the principle of harmony & balance.

In the same way that everything is formed in the universe through the primordial aspects of Yin and Yang, which must always be in balance; everything is also formed by the “content and containeraspects.

Content can be people, a function or a goal, an office room or a department; a container is the physical expression or the mould and vehicle that express that such as a layout or a room, the furniture, and how people use a room.

When the two aspects are congruent, resonance takes place. This resonance is the force or energy that helps us to manifest and materialise our goals. When the two aspects resonate with, or complement each other, a harmonious state exists; and money flows in naturally.

Effectively, when office space is right, people can carry out their function and execute company’s objectives. In other words, prosperity, including creative ideas and money flows in. Ideas or intentions that exist without creating the corresponding physical form, or container, do not materialise because content cannot flow into a container that does not exist!

First, the container, or the form, if you like the mould; is developed and then content or the essence flows into it intuitively (action and reaction). Just as in establishing river banks or reservoirs, first we build the structure and then water flow happens accordingly.

Note that once resonance is established between the two aspects, they each begin to interact with each other in a dynamic, and not static, manner. Therefore, the interplay is continuous.

Through this interplay, one aspect shapes the other. They communicate or respond to each other; and in doing so they effectively modify, develop and shape each other. One gives rise to the other. When the dynamic is sluggish, without rhythm or pulse, or is out of harmony; nothing materializes, or nothing is created, and flow is met with various blocks.

It follows to say that the energy signature of each aspect must be compatible with the other. If for example, you want to create a lot of money you (or your offices) must look and act in a way that is compatible and is in alignment with the level of money that you desire to materialise.

From this point onward, once you refurbish and reopen your offices, it would be very useful to take stock of your objectives and physical space, say once every six months, to ascertain that the two aspects are in correspondence with other.

The following table demonstrated how the two primordial aspects of creation or manifestation are also expressed, for you to keep that in mind when executing remedies and achieving your goals:


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