The Emotional Connection Between Animals And Their Human Companions By Susan A. Deren

***image1***One day, I went to the home of a new client to communicate with her cat. She was concerned because the cat’s behavior had changed and he seemed depressed. So, I “tuned in” to the cat to see what was wrong. Suddenly, I heard her cat clearly and loudly say, “There is nothing wrong with me, she needs help. She’s depressed and she won’t leave the house. Please help her because I cannot.”

Now, I know it sounds crazy…hearing animals talk. I have always been able to feel their pain, to sense if they were happy, sad, sick, but “hearing” them? That was a new experience for me. However, over the past decade, I have learned to listen. I knew this ability was real when my clients began verifying what their animals were telling me. What I realized is that most pets have little to say about their food or their walks. They don’t really focus on new toys or bedding. Rather, the vast majority want to talk about and help their human companions by communicating what they observe. I, in essence, have become their voice for change within their one true friend, their human companion.

Let’s get back to the depressed cat. The first thing that came to my mind was how do I explain this to her, an animal giving advice to a human? I took a leap of faith and asked her if she had been depressed and was afraid to leave the house for some reason. She looked at me in shock and asked, “How do you know that?” I explained to her that her cat told me and that he is worried about her and wanted me to help her. She then softened and calmly explained that there were three recent deaths in the family, that she was petrified of dying, and had become paranoid about leaving the house. Her statements had confirmed what her cat was telling me. Somehow, her revelation of this brought her to a place where she could see that it needed to be addressed. By the end of the session, my client had decided she was going to try counseling. Months later, she reached out to me and thanked me. She told me that after I left, her cat had returned to normal and, through counseling, was enjoying life again..

I thought this “hearing” thing was, perhaps, just a one time occurrence…I was wrong! A couple had contacted me about their dog’s compulsive licking of his feet. The fur was literally coming off in patches. Their vet had prescribed creams and allergy medication, but the compulsive licking continued. I looked at the dog and, once again, I heard an animal speak. The dog said, “My humans are fighting and they are planning to leave each other. I love them both. Who am I going with?”

Now, this one I had to really think about as to whether I should reveal their dog’s observations. Would I offend this couple before me, or would this help them in some way? Again, I took the leap of faith and transmitted the message. At first, they looked shocked, like the secret had been revealed. They asked, “Who told you that?” I hesitated for a second, and said, “Your dog.” They both began to cry and embraced each other. Then, they picked up their dog and hugged him. They said they were, “going to try to resolve their differences and try to make their marriage work.” I left this emotional scene hoping that the best outcome would occur. I heard from them a year or so later. They wanted me to know that their dog’s licking ended after the session and that they were still married and doing better.

When I first became an animal communicator, my mission was to help animals. In essence, to help those that cannot speak for themselves. As my practice developed, I soon realized that it is also about the human companions that care for the animals. Sometimes, they too cannot help themselves. In these instances, I become the messenger in the animal’s quest to love and care for their human companions.

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by Susan A. Deren
Susan is an animal communicator with over thirty years of experience working with animals. She utilizes a technique she developed, Behavioral Intuitive Assessment®, to assess the problem and recommend a solution. Her clients span this country and abroad. Susan’s work with animals is an extension of the intuitive work she does with humans as a psychic and medium.