The Messiah Seed Volume I by Story Waters

***image1***It’s rare to find such a tiny book that carries with it such a monumental gift in its message. To read this little book and integrate the author’s words into an integral part of your consciousness will change your life forever. In The Messiah Seed, Volume I, Story Waters’s words will, without a doubt, change how you feel about yourself, how you feel about others, and how you feel about God and the Universe.

As the author’s first published book, The Messiah Seed is a compilation of short channeled essays, which Waters wrote and collected over the years; each being dubbed a “Messiah Seed.” The author’s main message is that rather than relying on an external deity for answers, the deity lies within us — as do the answers — thus, making us our own Messiah.

***image2***The Messiah is an integral part of all of us, embedded deep within our beings. For us to be in touch with the Messiah is to be in touch with ourselves, with our state of being and with the notion of our own power and possibilities — something Waters refers to as “limitlessness.” For example, the author writes, “Remember that you are a divine expression of individuality from which God looks out to see its reflection. To deny your individuality is to deny how you chose, with infinite wisdom, to be a living expression of God in this reality.”

The Messiah Seed, Volume I is a book about self-accountability, self-reliance and in turn, self-empowerment. After reading just a few pages, you will see that Waters’s soft and succinct style of writing conveys the notion that there is no need to look to others, whether they be individuals or organizations, for answers.

The book is ground breaking and is a sign of the changing times. As the integrity of organized religion has come into question and continues to be questioned in the 21st century, Story Waters’s book trumpets the call for self-guidance and personal reflection to spearhead a new age for humanity — one that is far less hostile and misguided, as he writes, “Know that your personal truth is no more valid than any other person’s truth. Truth is not some Holy Grail that you seek. If you wish to think in such terms, then realize that the Holy Grail is being All That You Are.”

***image3***To read one page before turning out the lights at night will ensure that you wake up in the morning a more enlightened and empowered individual. Waters helps the reader to discover his or her own idea of limitlessness and the power of Self by bringing new insights and contemplations on a daily basis. Whatever your thoughts on God may be, this book is a must read that you will want to refer back to again and again. Like an inspiring little muse, this book will whisper new thoughts of enlightenment and personal freedom into your ear, bringing to a higher level your interaction and outlook upon the world, as well as the world’s interaction and outlook upon you.

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by Clarissa Tallon
Story Waters is a spiritual author seeking to empower people to discover and follow the light of their own being. Through his writing, rather than seeking to give people just another spiritual framework of 'how things are', he looks to bring out his reader's inner magical divine Self in all of its glory. He seeks for his readers to connect with, trust in, and follow their own spirit above any external person, organization, religion or dogma. Visit to find out more about Story's work.