The Presence Process and 2012 – Through Michael Brown –

When we say “the year 2012” to ourselves it has the most unusual resonance to it. It is as if we recognize or remember something. The question worth asking is: “How can we possibly recognize or remember something that has apparently not happened yet?”

What is equally unusual is that the Mayan and Aztec Seers recognized this year as being “the end of time” hundreds of years ago. The African Holy Tribe called The Sanusi also recognized this date throughout their oral history. One of their representatives, South African Seer Credo Mutwa, still recognizes this date as being the final convulsion of polarity mentality prior to the eruption of oneness consciousness. More recently, one of our most contemporary American Seers, the Late Terence McKenna, using psilocybin mushrooms and computers to analyze the mathematical relationship between the hexagrams of the I-Ching, derived not only a fractal to represent our current timeline, but also computed the same year, 2012, as being “the end of time”.

How can this possibly be, and what is this “end of time” or “end times” that these Seers are attempting to draw our attention to?

Now that we have Teachers such as Eckhart Tolle in our midst, we are able to begin understanding that this “the end of time” is actually “our collective awakening to present moment awareness”. This has enabled us to overcome the assumption that “the end of time” translates as “the end of the world”.

Of course, if our entire attention is still anchored to an illusionary time-based paradigm, then “the end of time” will mean “the end of the world” to us. Those of us still trapped in a time-based mentality will therefore automatically associate 2012 with devastation; our own. What we will not be able to perceive from this restricted point of view is that it more accurately means “the end of our time-based experience of this world”, not the end of the world we are presently experiencing. The world we are presently experiencing will continue with or without us; we will just not be able to continue functioning in it much longer if the majority of our attention is engaged in the illusions of some tragic past or fearful future. Why, we may ask?

Unless we consciously embrace the required inner actions to cleanse our emotional body of the discomfort that is causing us to mentally reflect on the past and project into the future, we will inevitably lose our physical bodies. This is why some of these prophecies warn us that unless we consciously awaken ourselves at this time, up to one third of the earth’s population may be gone by 2012. The reason for this is because unless we integrate our self-destructive unconscious behavior – our outdated belief systems we operate from in a time-based paradigm – we will inevitably outwardly manifest circumstances that mirror our unresolved fear, anger, and grief. These self-destructive manifestations, which we already see spreading at a rapid rate across the planet, from hurricanes to suicide bombings, will cause us to enter circumstances that will destroy our physical body. Without a physical body we are out of the game; it will essentially be “the end of our time here”, or “time up” for us for the time being.

The Presence Process has been given to us at this time because it is a procedure that assists us to efficiently cleanse our emotional body and subsequently steer ourselves out of the illusionary time-based paradigm into the dawning of our collective present moment awareness. We can repeat the experiential procedure it contains over and over until we are in a state of being in which we are able to embrace our life experience exactly as it is. It is our ability to authentically surrender to the cosmic dance that is unfolding at this juncture in our timeline that will ensure that we remain in “front row center”; in our human body. Without a physical body, we may be able to observe what is unfolding, but we will not be able to participate physically, mentally, and emotionally in the event. We will be able to hear the music — but we will not be able to get up and dance! NOW is the moment for dancers!

So what is it really that is about to happen? This is hard to explain literally, as it is an event that is incomprehensible to our present linear-based level of consciousness. However, there is an analogy that will assist us to integrate this event-horizon energetically:


If we are intending to be a flying trapeze artist, then there is much physical, mental, and emotional training that we must undergo. It may therefore be months and even years of hard work before we can consider ourselves to be a performer competent enough to take our art out and display it before a live audience. Yet, after all is said and done, there is only one moment that really counts — one split-second: we may call this moment “the catch”.

During the performance, as we release the bar and fly through the air to the open hands of our performance partner, all that we have done in preparation up to that moment fades into the background; we then enter a heightened state called present moment awareness in which we are only conscious of the eternal opening within the moment we are flying through. Everything then hinges upon whether our hands meet, clasp, and complete the spectacular sky dance. If we miss, we fall, and our partner continues swinging out into space empty-handed. If we fall, nothing matters; it has all been in vain — the moment is lost (for the moment).

Since we transitioned through the Harmonic Convergence of 1987, we have entered the gateway of intent that ushers us from The Piscean Age into The Aquarian Age. This energetic gateway is open from 1987 to 2012; our level of presence during the opening within this brief moment determines the frequency of the entire Age before us. Will it be initiated with a joyful applause as we make “the catch”, or will it begin with a mournful “Aah!” as we plummet to the safety net?

In 1987 humanity leapt off the platform like a trapeze artist with the bar in hand. On 13 August 1999, we then entered a roughly 13-year passageway that we may think of as “the approach”; the final swing through the air towards the awaited triple summersault and “the catch”. This 13-year passageway is the dawning of the moment when all that we have set in motion over the last 2200 years comes to completion. 2012 is when our hands meet or miss. To successfully complete the culmination of our cosmic performance for this Age and to set the stage for the next, we must enter present moment awareness; a trapeze artist who is distracted by the audience, by their past “failures” and future fears, will miss The Hands of Possibility waiting to make “the catch”.

Atlantis fell. Do we want to repeat that story?

The Presence Process contains everything we need to successfully initiate the inner journey that empowers us to make “the catch”, to navigate ourselves consciously into that moment of Inner Presence which contains the fuel of inner bliss required to jettison our awareness into multi-dimensional consciousness.

The thing to try and grasp is this: it has already happened. That is why we appear to remember this specific year. Yet how can this possibly be, we may ask?

The Presence Process enables us to comprehend this too. Part of its experiential procedure instructs us how to return inwardly to our child self and update our child-like interpretations of what happened during the first seven years of our current life experience. By accomplishing this, those unresolved experiences no longer continue to distract us right now, in the present moment. By updating the perceptions of our child self, we enable our adult self to become more present with the task that is at hand NOW; flying inward to make “the catch”.

Let us consider the following with an open mind:

What if the moment of “the catch” that takes place in 2012 ushers in multi-dimensional consciousness that enables us to journey through time to the very moment we are in right now? What if, just like the inner child work we are taught in The Presence Process, this time-traveling ability assists us to update our present interpretations in such a way as to make sure that in 2012 more of us are able to complete this massive multi-dimensional performance with the greatest of ease? What if The Presence Process is designed by all of us who already made “the catch”, who then sent it through time as a tool to improve the quality and the outcome of the overall experience? What if we realized in that astounding moment of awakening how important the successful cleansing of the emotional body is in determining our ability to show up and be accounted for in the moment of “the catch”?

Michael BrownMaybe, whenever we appear to receive unexpected help and guidance from “the invisible realms”, that it is actually us journeying from the future, from a dimension we entered in 2012, that we cannot yet quite perceive, to facilitate this crucial rebirth in our individual and collective planetary consciousness? Of course, we cannot yet know this to be true, but we can already feel it. By cleansing our emotional body we can definitely feel “something” moving towards us. Maybe we are NOW entering the outer impact of waves of escalating awareness from an implosion of consciousness that has already happened, that we are now being irresistibly drawn into the center of? These are wonderful, mind and heart-opening questions to ask ourselves. The answers are in the moment of “the catch”. How we choose navigate ourselves from here to…here, well, that is up to us. Right?

A trinity of blessings,

Michael Brown

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by Michael Brown
In 1989 South African-born Michael Brown developed an acutely painful neurological condition called Horton’s Syndrome.As Michael’s quest to find relief unfolded, he began entering “present moment awareness”; a paradigm of heightened consciousness that appeared to be running parallel to the conventional and mundane world experience.He discovered that his repeated entry into this enlivened state of Being, which he accomplished through ceremonial practice and conscious breathing, resulted in a decrease of his own painful condition to the point that it subsided completely.