The Quiet Heart by Dr. Peter Gruenewald

The Quiet Heart by Peter Gruenewald supports the theme, “Putting Stress In Its Place”. His innovative approach, HeartSpheres™, combines the latest on medical research and holistic medicine. Gruenewald recorded the results of case studies where his clients used these techniques and reclaimed power over their emotions and their lives. This is where the book picks up, as it brings us the means in our every day experiences to take back our lives.

Whenever I read a book that instructs you on how to do things, I always get restless with what seems like the 8th or 9th explanation of any given point. This book is different, in that it allows you to skip around, looking for what you really need. Its 1, 2, 3 approach makes it easier to take what you want from it and get the most out of the read.

The Quiet Heart has been organized quite conveniently into 3 parts. The first part addresses the actual breathing and visualization practices, independent of lengthy descriptions of said techniques. You can advance at a comfortable pace and not worry about missing anything at all.

The second part of this book touches base with the background of what is being said. If you get stuck somewhere in part one, you can move on to part two. Chances are that there’s an answer to a question you might have. For example, “If stress is bad for you, why are we even capable of being stressed?” or, “Why should a breathing technique do anything to the years of stress I’ve built up in my lifetime?” When you get your answer, you can go back and pick up where you left off without having to read about things you may already understand or don’t think you need.

Part 3 is titled “Origins and Related Approaches”. That means that when you ask yourself, “How did the author come up with these unique ideas?” you can to jump ahead to part three, get your answer and return again to where you left off.

All in all, I would definitely say this book is more than worth the read. I don’t find myself stressed out often but that didn’t stop the practices from helping me! At a mere 158 pages, I feel that anyone can the find time to read this book and walk away with more than they have put into it.


Dr. Peter Gruenewald is working at the Hale Clinic, London.

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by Eugene Kelly
Apart from HeartSpheres™ , Dr. Grünewald also practices anthroposophic medicine, combining mainstream and complementary medicine. He draws upon a range of remedies and therapeutic techniques such as anthroposophic and herbal remedies, nutritional treatment, lifestyle management, art therapy, physical movement / eurythmy and counseling. He practices from the Hale Clinic, London and also from The Helios Medical Centre, Bristol. Dr. Grünewald also provides individual coaching and seminars for stress management, personal and professional development.