The Revolutionary Trauma Release Process — Transcend Your Toughest Times by David Berceli

The Revolutionary Trauma Release Process is a great new offering in the field of trauma and psychosomatic therapy. The author, David Berceli, has developed a unique method of treatment that has everything going for it — it’s free, universally applicable, and can be self-administered — it doesn’t get any better than this.

Berceli’s background as a social worker, traumatologist, and massage therapist combined with years of working in war torn and devastated countries led him to make some interesting observations. He began to recognize commonalities in how his own body and those of the workers around him physically reacted to stressful or traumatic situations. This in turn led to developing a set of exercises designed to eliminate the deeply held tensions that can occur after a trauma or after prolonged stress.

There has been a growing recognition that trauma, prolonged stress, and a variety of shocks, accidents or abuse may have neural and physiological consequences as well as psychological manifestations. Increasingly, psychotherapies are now combined with various forms of exercise, breath work or body work to help to augment relief or cessation of symptoms. However, not everybody has access or money to utilize traditional forms of talk therapy. One of the great benefits of Berceli’s approach is that it is free and may be self administered — this alone may lead to increased well-being as it diminishes feelings of helplessness. Another benefit is that it appears to go deeper, and be more effective, than massage or other lighter touch modalities.

While the author spent years perfecting these methods amidst the most extreme conditions, that doesn’t mean that you have to have had some dire trauma or abuse in order to benefit from his techniques. Berceli has treated hurricane and other natural disaster victims, as well as first responders to 9/11 and soldiers from many wars. However, he recognizes that there are many painful episodes in every life that can lead to the sort of crisis reaction that gets deeply stored in our bodies. This could be a painful break-up, being fired or laid off from a job, a car accident, or any other shocking event.

Holding the initial reaction of fear, contraction, freezing or numbing can lead to depression, chronic pain or fatigue, insomnia and a variety of other ailments. Berceli’s exercises are uniquely designed to trigger the muscle release that is necessary in order for our bodies and psyches to heal. The Revolutionary Trauma Release Process may offer tremendous comfort to almost everybody who tries it.

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by Cheryl Shainmark
David Berceli is the founder and CEO of Trauma Recovery Assessment & Prevention Services. For 15 years David has lived and worked in war-torn countries of Africa and the Middle East. Along with individual trauma counseling, David has provided specialized trauma recovery assistance to U.S. military personnel, national and international relief agencies, and government and non-government organizations whose staff are living and working in trauma-inducing environments.David is a Clinical Social Worker (PhD), Massage Therapist (MT), Certified Bioenergetics Therapist (CBT), Certified Field Traumatologist (CFT), and Spiritual Director (MS).