The Secret History of Dreaming by Robert Moss

The Secret History of Dreaming by Robert MossRobert Moss has done it again — The Secret History of Dreaming is a treasure trove of wisdom guaranteed to have you paying renewed attention to both your waking world and your dreaming world. Moss, one of the pioneers of active dreaming, has taken up where his last book, The Three Only Things, left off — exploring the importance of dreams, coincidence and imagination — with more of the emphasis on the dreaming this time.

Like his last book, The Secret History of Dreaming is loaded with real world examples of insights, wisdom, healings, military victories, spiritual awakenings and bursts of creativity that came about as a result of dreams. As Moss uncovers historic instances of people who recorded and paid attention to their dreams, it becomes very clear that, up until recently, men, women, priests, leaders, writers and doctors of all cultures set much store in the knowledge that could come from dreams. Knowledge, or messages imparted in dreams was thought to be coming from the soul’s deepest wisdom — possibly even from an intervening god or spirit that would visit the sleeper to give them advice, or advance their spiritual journey.

The modern idea that dreams are merely the random firing of neurons, or the brain’s computer-like attempt to file the days events, would seem ludicrous to anyone who was born before the 20th century. Even Freud, who espoused a very narrow, sexual interpretation of dream material, (and according to Moss, may have ignored his own dream warning of health problems,) saw the importance of dream activity. Moss recounts a fascinating story of how Carl Jung’s split with Freud came about as a result of a dream.

As you read The Secret History of Dreaming, you will be inspired by the stories and the wisdom with which our ancestors viewed dreams. For some, dreams were regarded as a seedbed of future ideas or events that were waiting to be manifested in the “real” world. Almost every culture historically believed in the power of dreams to foreshadow future events. For others, dreams were the body’s way of conveying possible health problems as well as insights into the foods or activities that could alleviate the problem. Most cultures believed that dreams were a doorway to accessing “sacred knowledge,” to glimpse the universe or a god without the veils of separation that one’s waking mind imposes.

One can’t help but feel that much has been lost over time, in the current soul-deadening, scientific approach to dreaming. The Secret History of Dreaming is all about awakening and germinating a more active dreamlife — and Robert Moss leaves us wanting more — more of his books, but also more ideas, more traveling to other worlds, more creativity and more encounters with the divine.

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by Cheryl Shainmark
Robert Moss leads innovative programs all over the world and is actively engaged in research projects that include the applications of conscious dreaming techniques to healing and care for the dying; creative innovation and conflict resolutions; dream education in schools; and future science. His many publications include Conscious Dreaming: A Spiritual Path for Everyday Life (Crown), Dreamgates: An Explorer's Guide to the Worlds of Soul, Imagination and Life Beyond Death(Three Rivers Press), Dreaming True, the novels The Firekeeper and The Interpreter, the popular audio series Dream Gates: A Journey into Active Dreaming (Sounds True),The Dreamers Book of the Dead,and The Three Only Things.