Therapeutic Value of Intuition by Nancy Rosanoff

***image1***Intuition is often associated with fortune telling, telepathy, gut feelings, clairvoyance and other psychic perception. While all of these multi-dimensional ways of receiving information can be valid, their subjectivity has obscured the therapeutic value of intuitive intelligence.

Intuition is the capacity to perceive the intelligence of life. Through intuitive knowing, we discern and respond to our fundamental wholeness. Intuition provides a gateway from individualized, conscious awareness to the infinite and formless. The continuous message of our wholeness can be brought into therapeutic work through the acknowledgement and use of intuitive intelligence.

Joel Goldsmith, author of The Infinite Way, uses the image of Lake Erie becoming Niagara Falls to describe how universal consciousness becomes individual awareness. The vast, peaceful depth of Lake Erie becomes energetic Niagara Falls with absolutely no effort. Basic water is translated from one state to another through a simple shift in dimension. We are each a “Niagara Falls” continuously fed with the infinite supply of life represented by “Lake Erie.”

Wholeness is the reality that we are the infinite source of life (the lake) and a unique individual person (the falls). Intuitive intelligence orients us in this realm of non-material wholeness. Knowledge of the source of who we are as it unfolds into our individual unique gifts and talents can only be gained through intuitive perception.

Intuition does not rely on physical evidence or even sense oriented perception for information. It continuously communicates the message of wholeness, which is perceived as peace, joy, fulfillment, purposefulness and mental and spiritual health. When thoughts and actions are not aligned with wholeness, intuitive communication is still present, but the disharmony between inherent wholeness and divergent thoughts and actions is experienced as dis-ease.

Understood in this way, the intuitive function becomes very important in the therapeutic process. Once a client understands that wholeness is the core of their being, and that it is not only perceptible, but seeking expression, their own self-healing is awakened. What is experienced as symptoms is intuitive communication encouraging alignment and realization of essential being. Anxiety, frustration, depression and any other form of unhappiness are not signs of brokenness but calls to realize inherent wholeness.

The role of the therapist is to assist the client in discerning, understanding, trusting and allowing intuitive intelligence to align us with inherent wholeness. Remembering that wholeness brings clarity. Ideas and opportunities are suddenly obvious and healing unfolds. The challenge of intuition is that it is not mechanistic or cause/effect. It cannot be “done.” Yet it can be encouraged and appreciated. It functions on the principles of field awareness, flow, spiritual muscle and synchronicity.

Field Awareness: Cultivating awareness of the whole field of who we are relaxes the constant reliance on a strictly physical sense awareness of reality. Intuitive intelligence can then be acknowledged as a valid perspective and incorporated into decision-making.

Flow: Flow is the continuous, spontaneous manifestation of life force (Lake Erie falling over Niagara Falls). We suffer when we want life to flow differently than it does. Imagine the frustration and continuous failure that would result in wanting Niagara Falls to flow differently than it does. The direction and intention inherent in the flow of our lives can be discerned, appreciated and responded to. Spiritual Muscle: All dis-ease reflects an interference with the perception of our wholeness. Throughout life we phase in and out of perceptual alignment with our wholeness. Each time we re-tune to the reality of our wholeness there is relief, joy, a sense of “coming home” and more interest in understanding the nature of our wholeness. Our “spiritual muscle” is strengthened. Understanding that each cycle of “dis-ease” is designed to assist our individual enlightenment provides meaning, method and gratitude to the healing endeavor.

Synchronicity: Nothing occurs outside of the wholeness of life. Every aspect of our lives is a 100% reflection of the inherent goodness of life, distorted by collective and individual ignorance of wholeness. Our purpose is to wake-up to the wholeness that already is. Intuitive intelligence recognizes the workings of wholeness and brings attention to the continuous synchronicity between individual consciousness and the responsiveness of life. Intuitive therapy uses these principles as guidelines to help clients orient themselves to their own spiritual evolution. In such therapy, incorporating the value of intuition and intuitive intelligence happens naturally as we begin to know, trust and value ourselves as spiritual beings.

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by Nancy Rosanoff
Nancy Rosanoff, PhD., is an intuition consultant and author of three books on intuition. Recently she has been incorporating the deep teachings of Metapsychiatry into her practice and presentations. Nancy also hosts and produces the television talk show "The Listening Place," seen nationally on both American Life Television and The Healthy Living Channel.