Tom’s Table Tour – The Bamboo Garden; Seattle, WA

Bamboo Garden Vegetarian Cuisine

364 Roy St., Seattle WA 98109

The Bamboo Garden is a masterwork among vegetarian restaurants anywhere, and a landmark in Seattle — a veritable must do for sincere eaters. The charm of their story is as extraordinary as the veggie wonderland they spread.

Bamboo Garden’s original incarnation was in Hong Kong, created by Victor Young in 1986. This major eatery sat 300 people and was strict vegetarian from conception. You see, Victor was vegetarian in preconception — as his family has remained totally veggie for many generations before him. So he started with many specialties, Chinese obviously.

It was our blessing that Victor relocated to Seattle 16 years ago and recreated his Bamboo Garden for us.

Here’s how Victor made traditional and renowned Chinese dishes original. He created fabulous replicas using soy and gluten substitutes for the meat and seafood. Yes, similar items pop-up in many modest scale offerings. But the diversity, presentation and excellence of Victor’s creations have never failed to wow my many guests over the years. Imagine this menu of 120 items, all offered every day!

OK, I confess — I rarely go to Seattle without a respite at the Garden. And here are my two equal favorites revealed:

The Sizzling Salmon with Black Bean Sauce, served on a really hot platter; then at your table the sauce is poured over the dish generating a sensational sound (everybody looks). The Mandarin Chicken with Orange Glaze Sauce, which has now evolved for me into an off menu variation — substituting the satay peanut sauce for the orange glaze. Happy eating!

Please tour the menu online at

Folks, it’s getting better all over for veggies! I’ll be back soon with more cities and new delights.

by Tom Park
Vegetarian restaurants present a special interest for Tom Park. He has been a lacto vegetarian for 40 years — continuously. And he eats at a restaurant every day of his life! Tom travels the country producing speaking events for celebrity metaphysical authors with his company Park Productions. As he tours the nation, he scouts for treasures to serve you. Enjoy!