Tom’s Table Tour: The Dallas Duo

Cosmic Café Kalachandji’s


Tom ParkWhen you spend time in Dallas — land of the longhorn, cattle country — you will come to treasure these two vegetarian retreats. Also interesting that these two restaurants are true icons, enduring for decades in the sea of steers.

The foremost retreat in Dallas has to be the Cosmic Café Restaurant. The culture, the atmosphere of this landmark for the enlightened is notable even on a national scale. I enjoyed the food, but this place is a memorable experience for all who tune in and receive the near overwhelm of visual context that has accumulated through time. I’ve been here several times, but still not seen all the detail, the subtleties in the environment — mostly East Indian and spiritual in flavor. There is even a meditation room upstairs in another distinct environment.

Alright, alright, the food! The fare here is mostly East Indian in type. I like Indian food a lot. This was enjoyable, but not outstanding. The chai (free refills) is superior, the samosas were good, the veggie burger was ok. Some dishes were a little too healthy for my indulgent tastes.

Regardless, your veggie pilgrimage must someday embrace the Cosmic Café to fully blossom!

Second to the Café, but almost as fascinating is Kalachandji’s. This restaurant is located inside the Hare Krishna Temple in Dallas. If you’re a meditator and appreciate Indian culture, the environment alone is worth the stop.

Again, we have Indian fare here, in a warm and unique setting. The seating area expands into a charming courtyard and I found this trip to the temple engrossing and nurturing. The food is presented buffet style with a limited planned offering — but a complete meal. Think of this outing as joining in with the temple crowd and enjoying their hospitality. Simple and satisfying.

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Concious Eating

by Tom Park
Vegetarian restaurants present a special interest for Tom Park. He has been a lacto vegetarian continuously for 40 years. And he eats at a restaurant every day of his life! Tom travels the country producing speaking events for celebrity metaphysical authors with his company Park Productions. As he tours the nation, he scouts for treasures to serve you. Enjoy!