Election 2008- The Candidates – Planetary Influences by Regine Urbach

John McCainJohn McCain is not lying when he says his mission is to be in service to his country. He after all is a Virgo. But he is propelled along on his mutable Virgo path by the trine of Uranus to his Sun, which brings constant change and encourages him to express himself in an independent way. It also gives him very little patience.

Sarah Palin’s Uranus happens to be conjunct McCain’s natal Sun, emphasizing and highlighting this well known unpredictable streak. “Maverick meets Maverick.” So if you notice, since Sarah Palin has come on to the ticket, John McCain has felt entitled to say almost anything to prove that he is the agent of change.

Barack Obama’s Pluto, at 6 degrees Virgo, is also conjunct McCain’s natal Sun. Though he remains in control, Obama’s energy will constantly challenge John McCain to transform. Between Palin’s Uranus, and Obama’s Pluto, John McCain will be unrecognizable after this experience, even to himself! Though the McCain/Palin ticket seems exciting, McCain has completely lost his rudder and with it his moral compass. Electing him will be very risky.

McCain’s natal Pluto is in his 10th house of reputation and career, in the sign of Cancer, so he is capable of having a prominent and powerful place in the world. But it is directly opposite to his Moon in Capricorn, or the women in his life. This accounts for his choice of Sarah Palin, the sexy pit bull, as his running mate. Though McCain considers her his soul mate, this aspect will likely engender a great power struggle with Palin, and she will not be happy playing second fiddle. In the end we are very likely to see her in control. By this time Sarah Palin will have taken off her Clark Kent glasses and donned her Cat Woman outfit, insuring her election.

Compounding the above is the following: in the chart of the United States, Pluto is 27 degrees Capricorn, exactly on the natal Moon of John McCain, and exactly opposite his natal Pluto. Therefore if he wants to succeed in this country, it is a woman who will catapult him to power, and then succeed him.

Palin’s Sun/Mars/Saturn conjunction in Aquarius accounts for her “drill down” personality. It is in her favor that this stellium is closely conjunct the United States’ Moon at 27 degrees Aquarius. She therefore represents the feminine principle of the USA and so we feel as if we already know her. In contrast to McCain’s mutable personality, Palin is quite sure of herself. With a total of four or five planets in the fixed sign of Aquarius (depending on her birth time, which we do not know for sure), she can be quite cold and impersonal. Humanity is her family. The upcoming transit of Neptune across her natal Sun will engender many deceptions, unclear policies, and decisions made with “God on her side.” Her own natal Neptune is also square this powerful Sun, Mars, Saturn conjunction, so she already has a propensity for this way of thinking. “Don’t underestimate Sarah Palin.” Watch for the sleight of hand.

Barak ObamaBarack Obama’s Venus is conjunct the Jupiter/Venus conjunction of the USA chart, so he too enjoys the love of the people, and in fact has raised huge sums of money from grassroots organizations and individuals. The composite (or combined) chart of Obama and Biden have some telling aspects. The Saturn/Sun opposition gives them a serious and focused demeanor and projects experience, but it may be too serious given the playful nature of the Sarah Palin pick. The Mars/Uranus square will give them the ability to be “in the moment”. Biden’s natal Mars is square to Barack’s natal Sun, so he will bring out Obama’s fighting spirit. But the Mars/Neptune conjunction in the composite may cause them to feel ineffectual, as they struggle to change the tide. They must use intuition and finesse.

Joe BidenBiden and Palin have a Sun/Mars conjunction in their composite chart, so expect a very feisty debate. Biden has lucky Jupiter trining his stellium in Scorpio and his Uranus is opposite his Sun/Venus conjunction, giving him a very sparkly personality. AND he can change with the best of them.

Sarah Palin has a Moon/Mercury conjunction in Aquarius. So what she says is exactly what she feels. She and John McCain also share mutual Moon/Mercury aspects, which means they think and feel similarly. They are very compatible in this way. And to their advantage, the Jupiter/Neptune trine in their composite enables them to create grand illusions.

Barack Obama is a Leo, a strong personal sign. The grandiose nature of his demeanor, speaking to nearly 80,000 in front of what looked like the Parthenon, will cause some to dismiss his integrity, his mission, his intelligence and his truth. Perhaps that is the tragedy of his inexperience. Not the lack of foreign affairs accomplishments, or the missing 20 years of navigating Washington, but simply his youthful inability to leave himself out of the equation. I feel that this very process of meeting up with McCain will hugely transform him in ways that will benefit him in the future.

In astrology each sign is associated with a specific house. The sign of Leo, prominent in Obama’s chart, rules the 5th house, where we experience our creative self expression, and see ourselves reflected in the eyes of others. The sign of Virgo, prominent in McCain’s chart, rules the 6th house, where we come up against our limitations in the form of health, daily chores, work, service, etc. McCain’s POW experience, where his teeth and bones were broken, is indicated by his 12th house Venus opposite his 6th house Saturn.

So a Leonian Obama shines like the Sun and a Virgonian McCain accuses him of not having the long apprenticeship that he, McCain, has had. Which is true. But a McCain presidency will be wholly unpredictable and may surprise people on both sides of the aisle.

To Obama’s credit, the last 27 years of his progressed Sun in Virgo have taught him many lessons of service that he has needed to learn. But now transiting Pluto at 28 degrees Sagittarius is square to his progressed Sun, so there will be many passionate feelings for and against him.

And so we are faced with a really daunting choice. Two complete unknowns. One whose direction and motivation seem clear but without the experience to back it up. And one whose long experience has come to a complete and utter question mark.

Up until recently, it seemed as if Obama would have to don stilettos, a whip, and kill a moose to get any attention. But now it remains to be seen which candidate’s campaign will benefit from this terrible economic collapse. The current financial crisis is only a canary in the coal mine for the entry of Pluto into the sign of Capricorn, which will last for about 16 years. This period will bring either the downfall or the total transformation of a decaying political, social and economic structure. Whatever happens, the truth will be set free. And the transiting square of Saturn to Pluto in 2009 and 2010 will kick off the new Pluto in Capricorn generation with a bang.

Pluto in Virgo will benefit McCain in that it is in good aspect to his Sun and Moon. It also benefits someone who comes to office late in life after a long hard climb.

But Obama will benefit from the sobering influence of this crisis on the Grand Illusion that Palin and McCain have created. His clear and constant message, his dealing with the real issues, and his Leonian innocence and truth will provide a ray of hope for an exhausted country. Obama’s Mars trine his dignified Saturn in Capricorn give him the energy of the tortoise in the race with the hare, and this endurance will carry him far past this election.

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by Regine Urbach
Regine is a keen astrologer, who has been practicing astrology for 20 years. She is also a wonderful vegetarian cook and has a passion for music and Latin dance.