Tuning in to the Field by Paul Mulliner

Tuning in to the Field by Paul Mulliner

For me, the practise of Mindfulness refers to the process of taking a focus of attention inward so as to realise a non-conceptual consciousness which seems to exist in all space within and around us.

This daily realisation can help us avoid becoming too wrapped up in our thinking and begin to know the Universe as the expression of a living consciousness field-organism which connects all of us as one being. Moving our attention inward allows us to know the presence of this consciousness and get an intuitive sense of it as a field-intelligence that is continuously generating all of us and the whole world out of itself, transforming itself in realtime so as to express itself as everything everywhere.

Taking a focus of attention inward helps us find an ‘ I am ‘ knowing, seemingly an inherent attribute within cosmic intelligence and as we do so, we can begin to have less need for a constructed personal ego generated by our thoughts.

Thoughts about a personal self may still arise and fall within us, but they occur within an awareness that is prior to all thought.

Consciously knowing the ‘ I am ‘ within cosmic intelligence helps us begin to let go of the need for the thought-generated self-definitions of personal ego.

We can also become less caught up in thinking about the past or future and this can help us be more present in the moment, more spontaneous and more authentic.

As we consciously realise ourselves as expressions of cosmic intelligence, we can find a larger sense of what it means to be human.

We can begin to know ourselves as cosmic intelligence expressing itself as a living being and this can help us both live better and re-consider our notions about dying.

Rather than the onset of an abrupt nothingness, we might consider that dying in a meaningful, living Universe is a dissolving into an immense intelligence that we suddenly recognise and know.

An intelligence that seems very familiar and allows us to know ourselves as expressions of itself who took on a human form for the lifetime of a human being.

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by Paul Mulliner