Vision Yoga by Marc Grossman O.D., L.Ac.

What is yoga? “Union” is the literal translation from sanskrit. Tradition tells us that there are several paths to union (not only physical postures) and the practice of them lead to mind, body and spirit integration. From my point of view, these facets of life combined together, enhance not only well-being, but physical health. Yoga leads us to a basic tenet of mind/body unity. If the mind is chronically ill-at-ease one’s physical health suffers. Conversely, if the body experiences ill health, then clarity and strength of mind are adversely impacted. Yoga practice can offset these negative consequences and restore physical and mental health.


The eyes are nothing more than tools of the mind. The eyes’ tissue is brain tissue, as though the brain itself has pushed forward from the confines of the skull. It is not unlike the manner in which seed pushes up from the covering of soil to reach the light. I believe that your eyes are your brain’s manifestation of itself on the outside of your body. Vision thereby, is the means by which your brain perceives the world and gathers information from the world in order to interact with it. To me that is the reason eyes appear so filled with meaning and so mysterious. They are video cameras on the front of our skull that instantly permits us to relate to the world about us.


However, I don’t think that your eyes are merely receptive organs, but are organs also of giving. They reflect our soul, where we are in life, who we are at any particular moment – emotionally, mentally, physically, and spiritually.


In a similar manner, I feel that to really enhance the clarity of your vision, you must understand that the process of seeing is a relationship with between you and your environment and you need to develop yourself as a whole being.


Even a fundamental level, sight consists of the close relationship between the perceiver and the object of perception. More profoundly, vision changes based on your relationship with yourself, your family and friends, your town, the earth, and your Spirit. Therefore, your final goal should not stop with visual clarity, but, rather, move toward spiritual soundness. Therefore yoga and a philosophy of natural vision work together to support mind-body unity.


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Marc Grossman, Doctor of Optometry and New York State Licensed Acupuncturist is author of several books, including Natural Eye Care – Your Guide to Healthy Vision.  Since 1980 Dr. Marc Grossman has helped many people maintain healthy vision and even improve eyesight. He is best described as a Holistic Eye Doctor, dedicated to helping people with such conditions ranging from myopia and dry eyes to potentially vision threatening diseases as macular degeneration and glaucoma. His combined multi-disciplinary approach using nutrition, eye exercises, lifestyle changes and Chinese Medicine provides him with a wide array of tools and approaches to tackle difficult eye problems. Dr. Grossman founded the Rye Learning Center in 1980, a multidisciplinary center for learning problems, in 1996 co-founded Integral Health Associates in New Paltz, New York, and in 1999 co-founded Natural Eye Care, Inc. For more information go to or call 845-255-3728.