Your Five Basic Signals – The Secret Language of the Gut

Your Five Basic Signals – The Secret Language of the Gut

Join Cass Phelps at the Omega Institute:

August 19 – August 24, 2012

Many of us take on a special diet, such as a raw-food diet or a sugar-, fat-, or gluten-free diet. But none of these diets consider our specific metabolic type. Understanding our metabolic type is the first key to understanding what foods our bodies really need.

In this workshop, we explore our metabolic type by learning how to use our sensory system to determine what nutrients our bodies are seeking. “There are five basic signals the body gives to inform our cognitive mind what we require for nourishment,” says Cass Phelps. “These five signals come from our enteric brain–the nervous system in our gut–and work with our sense of taste and smell.”

Through presentations, discussions, meditations, sensory explorations, making recipes, and developing meal plans, we:

Explore food from a sensual approach Learn about our immune system, aging, and cellular renewal Find out how to eliminate the need to depend on others for our health Examine emotional food cravings

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