Your Future in a Coffee Cup by Sahar Huneidi

Your Future in a Coffee Cup is a true gem — small, brilliant, and evocative of history, storytelling and romance — everything you could ask for in a book. The author, Sahar Huneidi, is a gifted psychic and intuitive who has helped numerous people over the years with her readings and teachings. Her talents include divining in a variety of ways, among them, through the medium of coffee grounds.

The history of coffee, where it came from and how it entered the Western world is entertaining enough, but when you include the many generations of soothsayers (mostly women) and the oral traditions for scrying that they passed on, you begin to get a feel for the romance of this tradition. The author is a decendant of one of the four great Sufi Masters, Abdul Kader Al Gilani. With Your Future in a Coffee Cup, Ms. Huneidi invites us to join this tradition and gives us the tools and instruction to do it.

The illustrations and the lay-out of the book are excellent. The author shares actual readings she has done with her clients, along with photographs of the cups of coffee grounds she is scanning for the divination. The readings are fascinating, as is Ms. Huneidi’s talent and creativity for intuiting the story behind them — what has happened, what is really on the mind of the enquirer, and what the future holds for that person.

Along the way the author offers exercises for the reader to expand his or her own talents for fortune-telling. The combination of instruction and following actual readings really works — this book really delivers! What looks like just a cup of mud in the beginning unfolds to reveal a wealth of symbol and meaning by the end. Sometimes the symbols jump out at you, other times some imagination and creativity is required, but that’s the fun and intuitive part of it. The author mentions that this is a popular tradition in many countries — Greece, Turkey, India, the Middle East and Russia among them–and she will often give a different culture’s interpretation of the same symbol. Interestingly enough, she notes that women of different cultures who read the same cup will note and interpret completely different symbols, and yet come up with similar fortunes.

For a slim book, there is a wealth of information and inspiration packed in Your Future in a Coffee Cup. The average reader will finish it and want to run out and start grinding their own coffee right away! And if, as the author says, there is power in the ability to foresee the future — to know what is coming or how to make different choices — then there is a great amount of power in this book that will get you there.

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by Cheryl Shainmark
Editor of Sahar is a professional intuitive, columnist, for Prediction & Sharq magazines in the UK, a writer and podcaster. Her first book, "Your Future in A Coffee Cup, The Art of Divining with Coffee Grounds", was just published and is available in UK, USA and Australia.