2013 Zodiac Predictions

2013 Zodiac Predictions by Acharya Nitin Datta from www.oddstuffmagazine.com As we step into the New Year, different zodiacs will experience different transitions due to planetary changes. Here’s what’s in store for you!

As the year 2012 passes by, we are observing the onset of 2013. For 2013, the nine planets would be transiting different houses and likewise delivering different results. The transit of planets in different houses in 2013 would mark the beginning or continuation of particular events in a native’s life. Different zodiacs have the same planets in different houses. A benefic planet in one ascendant may turn in to a malefic planet in a different zodiac. Let us try to analyze the movement of planets in different houses with respect to different zodiacs in 2013.

ARIES Natives born under Aries ascendant may experience improvement in their professional life as well as a rise in their incomes in 2013. However, there is a need to maintain a check on overall behavior while dealing with family members and people on the professional front. Precision needs to be maintained while dealing with spouse.

TAURUS Natives born under Taurus ascendant may experience victory over enemies and may develop an inclination for research related activities. Those seeking a new job may be rewarded with a job. A long distance pilgrimage is on the cards. 2013 should be a lucky year for Taurus born natives.

GEMINI Gemini born natives have to control their speech to gain good results in 2013. Try to maintain a harmonious relationship with family members. The second half of 2013 is likely to bring more happiness in terms of domestic happiness. Some auspicious event is likely to happen in the family. Those seeking alliances for marriage are likely to get married in 2013.

CANCER Cancer born natives are likely to experience gains from their efforts till mid-2012. Enemies won’t be able to harm you and stability would be experienced in professional life. Keep a watch on mother’s health during 2013. Those looking for a suitable match for marriage are likely to find the right match during 2013. Overall, 2013 promises domestic happiness and professional stability.

LEO Leo born natives have to work extra hard to gain good results. Good results are promised only by way of self-efforts. Keep a check on your children’s health. Family, profession and income related matters are likely to gain importance. A pending loan is likely to get paid off in 2013. Post May 2013 is a good time for seeking alliances for marriage.

VIRGO Virgo born natives are likely to be very lucky in their efforts in 2013. Communication will be the key to success for such natives. Discord in family related matters is on the cards. Younger brothers/sisters are likely to benefit in 2013. Post June 2013, things would improve drastically on account of family matters and profession. Those who are involved in academics are likely to benefit from their efforts.

LIBRA Libra natives would experience lethargic tendencies in 2013. Professional life would improve in terms of stability. The year should be good on account of domestic happiness. Inclination towards spiritualism and charity is on the cards. Don’t be hesitant to spend on charity or religious deeds. Try to avoid the negative tendencies of your spouse.

SCORPIO Scorpio natives would experience a pleasant change in their rigid thinking pattern. There would be new/improved sources of income. The natives would experience fresh energy to accept new endeavors. The enemies would not be able to cause any harm. However, the natives should keep a check on their health in 2013.

SAGITTARIUS Sagittarius natives would have self and family matters as their top most priority. Younger brothers and sisters would gain importance. Emotional and financial support from elder brothers and sisters is expected Things are likely to improve on professional front. You are likely to get rewarded for your efforts. New sources of income would emerge. Involvement in charity and related matters is also on the cards.

CAPRICORN Capricorn natives would be gaining tremendous confidence on all grounds. 2013 would be an auspicious and gain providing year. Happiness would be experienced in domestic as well as professional affairs. The natives would be full of energy and would take rest only upon completion of tasks. The natives would undertake new projects and would be rewarded for their successful efforts.

AQUARIUS Aquarius native’s life would be revolving around family affairs in 2013. Professional affairs are likely to deliver results. Those expecting a promotion would be blessed with a promotion. Stability in income is also on the cards. Enemies would keep at bay. Keep a check on your health. Religious activities can gain prominence.

PISCES Pisces natives can expect getting themselves tied up in the nuptial knot this year. A long distance pilgrimage can be expected. Some unique talents are likely to emerge from the native’s efforts. The natives can expect some disturbance on professional front. A displacement in current job location can happen. Check your words before you speak them. Try to seek your elder’s advice before making final decision about any subject or situation.

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