A Spiritual Perspective on the Newtown School Shootings

A Spiritual Perspective on the School Shootings by Don Mordasini Author, “Princes and Ogres, Integration of Psyche and Soul”. Millennium Mind Publishing. 2012 Christmas Morning my grandson Max startled me, “Wake up, papa…Wake up papa!” As I tried to shoo him away from my deep slumber he pulled the covers back shouting, “its Christmas, papa, it’s Christmas! Get up – get up! Santa Claus came! We have to open our presents”!

I slowly walked into the family room of Brian and Beate’s house (my son in law and daughter) to a sea of smiling faces. My wife Carol, my daughter Monika and her friend Bob were all waiting for me. Mikayla, my 13 year old granddaughter already had presents piled beneath our feet. Our Christmas was a marathon event – from seven o’clock in the morning through the evening. It was festive, joyful, loving and cheerful – a chapter out of Norman Rockwell – a real story book Christmas.

As I drove home that night my thoughts drifted to the school shootings in Newtown, Connecticut. I wondered how the mothers and fathers of those innocent children, deprived of the Christmas they had planned, which might have been like mine, were coping. I couldn’t imagine the grief of those families affected by this tragedy. This tragedy was beyond our ability to comprehend, and reached the outer limits of our coping mechanisms to deal with. The most guttural/beastly/primitive/brutish aspect of human nature reared its ugly head and, with an assault weapon swept away the lives of innocents.

But why?

Why did this happen?

What was it all about?

I knew this senseless tragedy couldn’t be comprehended by our overwhelmed minds. As I thought about the children and their families I knew I needed to shift perspective. From a personal perspective the shootings were a senseless tragedy — the greatest tragedy, we as humans must face — the loss of our young children because of a demented mind.

As I centered myself thoughts of everything I believe in, have written about, and taught, danced through my mind. I had long believed that there are no accidents in life. That every occurrence has meaning — no matter how small or insignificant. Everything is interconnected. The Native Americans say — we are like a great weaved carpet — every strand different — every strand significant — every strand equal, and every strand connected to and influencing and influenced by the whole weave. Incredible amounts of data have been amassed — clinical, spiritual and experiential by those who have immersed themselves in the Inner Sacred — which millions of saints and ordinary people East and West have, that there is a bottomless source of love and light within ourselves.

Driving home that night an October 13th News Week Article sprung to mind. It told of a neurosurgeon and scientific skeptic who suffered meningitis, died and returned to life while surrounded by a team of neurosurgeons. CT scans showed absolutely no activity in the neo-cortix and other neurological examinations confirmed that he was brain dead. Dr. Eben Alexander had believed, like so many of his colleagues that ‘after life experiences’ were a function of barely minimal activity in the brain.

While his colleagues sadly pronounced him dead. Dr. Alexander experienced a sublime and ultimately, life altering, after death experience. He was met by a celestial guide, traveled through a realm where love and light was as great as the visual beauty and experience of joy – found that each question he formulated was met with bursts of infinite amounts of love and light and described a distinctness that was part of a harmonious whole.

As he awakened from his coma — he realized – as anyone who has experienced the light and infinite love of the Source that the intelligence of God cannot be fathomed by our finite minds. In physics we are taught that energy cannot be destroyed — transmuted, yes but not destroyed. Furthermore, despite the visual illusion of human solidness- we are complete energy beings — not solid entities – but beings comprised of energy and consciousness. I realized later that Dr. Alexander’s story came to mind because he shared an experience of a beautiful after life that was fresh, vivid, descriptive, and real.

Years earlier as a young Catholic the words heaven and God didn’t have much meaning for me. The Christian Churches spoke of heaven — but there was no vivid description of the all-embracing infinite love of God that Dr. Alexander and other’s with NDE’s described. I hoped that some of the grieving parents of the Newtown massacre could grasp and vision the celestial gifts their children were receiving. I thought that Dr. Alexander’s News Week article might have given them greater solace.

Earth is a place of work and spiritual purification. It is not necessarily an easy place to work on our higher purpose with the many ego attractions that distract us from the purpose of our incarnation. I think these young children might have earned the right to rest and repose before most of us. All I know is that these young children were to be on Earth but for a short time.

I believe they sent us a message — the same message Jesus gave his life for — love one another. Get rid of anything that interferes with, and or blocks this love. Two thousand years ago a crowd was told to put down their stones — that same message today would be to put down our anger and assault rifles and pick up love of self and love for one another.

The truth never changes, it is only stated differently — appropriate to the time in which it is given. It is stated in words which we understand and have trouble following — and it is stated none verbally in many ways, including tragedies like Newtown.

Can there be any other message? Send your love and prayers to the families of those young children. Perhaps more important realize that the love you have for those children is finite — limited — to the degree that you have contacted and experienced the love and light of your own soul. Therefore never waste a day failing to work to open to the source of your Being. That love is a vibration – an energy that reverberates around the world healing all.

Already, in a small passage of time, we see many missing the message as they take positions to deal with the tragedy and emotions arise. Let love arise — so that the solutions to such occurrences can be met with in a loving comprehensive way. Don Mordasini, a uthor, “Princes and Ogres, Integration of Psyche and Soul”. Millennium Mind Publishing. 2012

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by Don Mordasini