Keynote 2013: Service and Joyful Giving

Keynote 2013: Service and Joyful Giving by Triza Schultz The whirlwind of dramatic change and transition at the heart of 2012 now shifts course in this number 6 year of 2013. One word seems to sum it up this year: Unselfishness. Unselfishness to others for the love of humanity and the desire for unity within our friendships, family, and community are a driving force.

Words that describe 2013 are: harmony, balance, health, time, duty, charity, humanity, truth, justice, creation, marriage, evolution, service, cooperation, warmth, union

The desire to “settle” into our domestic and work affairs is a central focus. Considering the good of others as well as ourselves is important this year. Creating harmony is essentially on our minds. We’ll have a desire to communicate with all involved, talking things over with others to create good will and harmony. Think along the lines of the higher good for all, not just for ourselves, focusing on the ultimate good.

This is not a year to rush through everything, but to think through and talk things out. This falls into the realms of health, friends, family, money, and love. This year’s energy supports all health focused efforts, including health issues that need taking care of. Take the time needed to create healthy practices and harmonious relationships that are sustainable in the long run.

Let the moral fable of the “Tortoise and the Hare” be a personal guide this year. The tortoise took his time, and remembered his journey to the finish line. The hare tried taking short cuts and couldn’t even remember how he arrived in his predicament!

The feeling of action and time this year is of a slower pace than 2012. Just remember that something essential is being built here for balance and harmony. Rome wasn’t built in a day like many of our modern pre-fab houses are! We know how well-built those are not…

The symbol for the house and all that works and lives within the house essentially represents the “Self.” Think along those lines. Even in a work environment, when we bring ourselves to our work, we bring an extension of ourselves — we bring a part of who we are. And if those areas of work and associates, family and friends, need our attention to assist in supporting a harmonic environment, then selfless duty calls.

The flip side of this is, of course, where a relationship or situation cannot sustain efforts for harmony and positive mutual communion, it’s time to resolve to leave those and return our focus back on creating our sense of balance and harmony.

Keep an eagle eye on balance. We can never be all things to all people at all times. That falls backwards into victim energy. Look to the higher good in all things, and we will all find ourselves creating a better world of unity and harmony by the end of this year in our personal reality and place in the world.

This is an important year for us to practice true service and dedication to ourselves so we can serve others with sincerity and integrity. As we talk about unselfish service to others, let’s get clear about what true service is not. Let’s clear out a little mud.

The action of true service, a helping presence, and joyful giving, just can’t happen when that action is muddied with false agreements and feelings of resentful obligations. In order to be of service in any way, we must appreciate ourselves first! Giving and service should not be done with the sole need to receive approval and appreciation from others — that’s a form of victimhood, looking for someone outside of ourselves to measure out our self-worth. And that behavior is a set-up that never achieves lasting satisfaction and joy.

Taking care of ourselves in all the basic ways must come first before we can sustain being of service and feel the joy of giving.

Let’s recognize all that we sincerely do for ourselves and for others, and thank ourselves for this, so we’re not dependent on others for our sense of worth. When we can be of service and give for the joy and love of it because we intimately know what a full open heart feels like, then we also know the additional reward is a loving unity with others and with humanity.

We all desire and appreciate that others recognize our time, dedication, and efforts for being of service. We all want to know that we make a difference, but don’t we need to know that within ourselves first? Don’t we need to know what our real intentions are and our core worth is?

In the true spirit of giving and receiving, a loving appreciation always flows abundantly forth. That’s the nature of real free-flowing selflessness and the nature of a benevolent universe.

Wear bright colors this year! For those who love their black, add a vibrant touch of color to harmonize and uplift your aura energy field.

Let the fragrance and spiritual energy for 2013 guide us in the beautiful poem:

“I slept and dreamt that life was joy. I awoke and saw that life was service. I acted and behold, service was joy.” ~ Rabindranath Tagore (May 7, 1861 — August 7, 1941)

Live in beauty and be well ~ Triza Schultz

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