Earth Art Inspiration by Catherine Cogorno

Catherine CogornoOver 100 crop circles are reported annually, and the closer you look at the beautiful phenomena, the more you’re drawn in. So much that you might want to draw and even color them! That’s what happened to me, which led me to putting an artistic workbook together for children (at heart).

The first reports of simple formations go back several centuries. In recent decades, though, they have become increasingly more complex. Over 6000 have been counted in 50 countries, and in many types of crops. Half are in England, mostly in the sacred Wiltshire province. Some have reached 900 feet in diameter. In the US they have appeared in 47 states, and in 9 Canadian provinces.

Commonly the circles arrive overnight. The stalks are bent or curved into swirl patterns and laid like carpet. Many are very neat, with crisp untouched edges, displaying alternating weaved layers. From the ground they may seem to glow, and from above they may look 3-dimensional. Balls of light are frequently seen around crop circle fields. Electronic malfunctioning, and soil and plant abnormalities have been documented. A very rapid intense heating, like by microwave energy, seems to be what bends the plants. Some eye witnesses have seen the circles go down in seconds!

We know some crop circles have been hoaxes, but the origin of many is a mystery. This seems like an interdimensional phenomenon involving a higher intelligence, and the circles may be light symbols with encoded messages. Like sacred geometry, just gazing at them has a harmonizing effect; and, similarly to the meditative practice of mandalas, working with them is relaxing and can increase our concentration.

Higher Consciousness

Several sources suggest that:

· The circles are catalysts to spirituality; gentle reminders of who we truly are.

· They hold keys for an approaching time of great spiritual shift.

· Their energetic blueprint can raise our vibration and activate our DNA.

· They are electro-magnetized waves of energy, a hyper-dimensional form of lightning, each made by a different vibratory pattern and with its own energy signature.

· They speak of openness, contact, transformation, opportunity, sacred connections, gratitude, time-shift, divine purpose, healing, empowerment, order in chaos, integration, surrender, forgiveness, enlightenment, the unseen power of the Universe.

· They are communications from Humanity’s Higher Consciousness to its lower Consciousness.

· Their geometry reflects the symbolic wisdom of the natural laws within us.

· They represent the most complex mathematical formulas in existence.

· By visualizing these energies we are replacing the same missing energies in ourselves.

I recommend Suzanne Taylor’s film “What on Earth?” ( ); for photos: ; for archives: .

EARTH EXPRESSIONS — An Artistic Exploration Inspired by Crop Circles (for kids ages 7 to 107!) is available at . The book contains 50 crop circle photos from 10 countries, exercises to trace and color many, data about them, a world map of locations, coloring ideas and space to create one’s own designs.

SEE YOU IN THE CIRCLE! Catherine Cogorno ( ; h: 314-835-1814).

Earth Expressions: An Artistic Exploration Inspired by Crop Circles By Catherine Cogorno

by Catherine Cogorno
"I was born in St. Louis, but lived in Peru for 19 yrs. I obtained a B. Sc. degree there, but after returning to St. Louis, I have worked in international companies, retaining strong ties to Latin America. I am interested in all forms of spirituality, healing and the arts. For 4 yrs I served on the Board of Gitana Productions, a non-profit organization bringing people together through the arts. Currently, I am a hospice volunteer, a member of P. Yogananda's worldwide Self-Realization Fellowship and a Reiki practitioner. 10 Years ago I learned many aspects of crop circles reading Andy Thomas' book "Vital Signs". Last year, after viewing a Norwegian film, my deep interest was fueled by a desire to bring the phenomenon to the US, and to create a medium in which we could all trace and draw some of the stunning designs, many considered to be sacred geometry. Many researchers, friends and artists have contributed to making this book interesting, fun and thought provoking."