Energy & Love by Gene Krackehl, LLC

As I’m preparing to write this, Stevie Wonder’s My Cherie Amour is melodiously wafting into my office from an upstairs room. Effortlessly conveying tender sentiments and a recurring recognition of how music can transport us back to a special place and time, instantly reliving feelings that seemed unreachable just moments before.

Can you remember a time in your life when you felt a close, moving bond with someone and an appropriate tune seemed to celebrate that event? Perhaps it was holding your newborn child for the first time, getting that new puppy or feeling extreme affinity and admiration for someone close to you–wanting only for their happiness.

What melody was playing at the time of your most uplifting event? Play that tune in your head now and notice the warm feelings surfacing. This is the feeling that I want you to focus on as you’re reading this article. It’s about love. Not just your everyday garden variety of love, but real love, the kind we’re all made of deep inside, the unconditional kind.

The love I’m referring to is so precious a substance that when given as a gift it will certainly last an eternity. In a sense, it’s that piece of God inside each of us which allows us to connect with another on a very deep, personal and spiritual level, and once infused, it’s possibly the only worthwhile quality that we take with us when we leave this planet. I’m convinced this substance can heal.

I am an energy healer and I use that love to heal others. There are lots of us out there, each performing our own personal brand of “magic” in many modalities and in so many varied ways. We differ in technique, experience and capability, by the types of issues that we resolve and by the fees that we charge.

Sometimes the appearance of this special ability displayed in others is enough to convince anyone that they are incapable of ever performing it themselves. I would like to de-mystify that “magic” for you if I may.

It all starts with energy. Energy is life. It’s that special substance or quality which animates otherwise inanimate objects. It’s the essence that lifts our spirits, gives our bodies movement and expression. It’s what makes us look radiant and feel happy. It flows through and influences every part of our lives, from the way we feel to the way we think. Basically everything is energy–your body, emotions, thoughts, food, the air, sound, colors and even your spirit!

Over the years I’ve learned how to utilize energy to heal others, both in person and at a distance. And I can tell you that when it comes to performing real miracles on a daily basis, you are far more capable then you ever dreamed possible and it’s just your own belief that you can’t which is stopping you.

Here’s a simple way to begin: Focus on loving thoughts deep inside of yourself. Use the memories of your most heartfelt experiences to get your energy rising. Take in a deep breath. Realize that air is energy and by breathing in you are accepting life. By filling your belly full of air (not just the chest) and holding it for a moment, you can’t help but feel relaxed and energized as you exhale. Breathe in and out a few more times, gradually feeling yourself pulling energy up through your body from the earth. Focus on those loving thoughts inside your heart and send that warm, pure, kind energy out to someone near you, simply by using your intentions while letting go of any expectations.

Intentions effortlessly move energy and they are probably the most important, yet most underrated, of all abilities that we possess as sentient beings. As you feel the love go out to that person, watch the expression on their face change as he or she is receiving the beautiful product of your caring.

You don’t have to tell the person what you’ve just done–it’s more fun to do it anonymously! Smile to yourself as you see its effect–and know deep inside that you played a special part in it. As you expand this practice you will find yourself absorbing energy from other sources. I have many friends “upstairs” who I call upon for energy and they always seem to respond more abundantly if I first send them some of that love.

The more I work with love the more I realize how the devastating result of its absence affects everything around us. Most people have so little love in their lives that when you send it out–unconditionally and altruistically–marvelous shifts in that person’s character and behavior can sometimes be observed. Negative emotions such as fear, anger and feelings of loss can be lifted. The resulting relief may spark a realization about life and their purpose for being in it.

In the distance The Rolling Stones are now playing You Can’t Always Get What You Want. “But if you try sometimes you just might find, you get what you need.” Realize that the more you give to others the more you will get–not necessarily from the person you’re sending that love to–but everything you transmit to others (positive and negative) eventually comes back to you.

Energy works that way! Accept those who come into your life without judging, recognizing them for the unique gift that they are–while loving yourself as well. Touch them with your heart and know that in your own way you can truly change the world–and the way you view every part of life along with it. Gene Krackehl’s book review: You Are The Healer

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by Gene Krackehl, LLC
Gene Krackehl is a certified Hands-on Energy Healer, Reiki Master, Spiritual Advisor, and Ordained Interfaith Minister who has been performing energy work (distance and hands-on) his whole life. In addition to being at the Center for Health & Healing, he has his own healing practice in Katonah collaborating with therapists, hospitals, physicians and other health care professionals on a wide range of clients and conditions. Gene has lectured extensively at organizations, corporations and hospitals.