Energy is The Missing Link for Loving, Fulfilling Relationships By Master Stephen Co

Master Stephen CoAll relationships are based on life-force energy. Relationships are built and destroyed by the energies created by our thoughts, emotions and opinions.

Positive relationships reflect intimacy in every aspect of togetherness:

mental, physical, emotional and spiritual. The energy of a loving couple in an intimate relationship blends in a harmonious way, allowing love and good emotions to flow between them easily and freely.

Conversely, when a couple is in a poor relationship, arguing and fighting, the energy fields don’t blend and flow. They actually clash and repel, manifesting as even more painful friction.

Pranic Healing’s simple, step-by-step techniques show you how to disintegrate conscious and subconscious negative energies lodged in chakras, meridians and auras. Since Pranic Healing® uses our life-force energy to heal, it can heal relationships as well as bodies.

There are many levels of intimacy in relationships:

a. Physical or sexual

b. Emotional/Astral

c. Mental

d. Spiritual

Often couples fail to understand that intimacy is about more than sex. When intimacy exists only in the physical body, it tends to fade when the physical body changes.

The same is true on an emotional level. When emotions change, so does the intimacy. It is the nature of the emotional body to be extremely reactive to the surroundings and situations in a person’s life. That’s why its important to be conscious of the state of our intimacy on all levels and nurture it.

When emotions change, so does the intimacy. The heart chakras of two people have to be highly activated and in tune to each other to form a “heart connection”. The energetic method makes loving each other “effortless”.

From a spiritual standpoint, it’s important that the energy fields of two people in a relationship merge together. When we project love, love is projected back to us. We literally manipulate energy to create positive effects and invoke healing.

Mentally, the thoughts we project onto others truly have power. Most people don’t even realize that projecting bad thoughts towards someone, even without saying a word, can make that person weaker. On the other hand, thinking thoughts of health and love about the same person can help develop positive traits. We should remember that this is true of the thoughts we think about ourselves, too! The energy field does not care if thoughts are positive or negative – it absorbs whatever is sent.

On the mental level, people often put their partner’s faults and weakness under a “microscope” rather than focusing on the positive traits. An easy technique is to mentally enhance the positive qualities your partner has, no matter how small. Silently do an inventory of their positive qualities, mentally praise him/her for them then later physically tell the person how awesome and special they are. Watch them try to live up to your praise!

An effective way to begin creating physical intimacy is to develop a proper physical contact. A good example of this is holding hands. Also, from an emotional standpoint, focusing on another person’s positive qualities builds intimacy. Too often people focus on the negative, ignoring positive traits, even taking them for granted. An easy Pranic Healing® technique is to praise and bless the positive qualities that others have, no matter how small.

Take each positive quality and visualize it, affirm it and nurture the other person with it. For example, if your mate has several faults, but is good at keeping a checkbook, compliment that trait.

Your Hands Can Heal You By Master Stephen Co & Eric B. Robins, MD with John MerrymanWith successful and loving relationships, it is very important to practice the “Meditation On Twin Hearts” (see Your Hands Can Heal You book on mediation Chapter 11). This will help flush out the stress energies that one accumulates from a stressful day. “Meditation on Twin Hearts” also activates the heart chakras that help you become more understanding to your partner. To get the best effect, a couple should practice the Meditation together and activate their Human Heart chakras and Divine Hearts Chakras (Crown) to experience a merging of the aura and chakras. With more practice they can even experience a merging of twin souls!

This is not limited to relationships with “significant others.” It applies to friends, relatives and business partners, too. Remember to project love from your heart and crown chakras and you’ll see friendships or business relationships become closer. You can even do this with people who don’t like you and create positive results.

As Pranic Healing uses our life-force energy to heal, it can heal relationships as well as bodies. Pranic Healing disintegrates the negative thoughts and emotions of couples. This helps empower individuals to react less to negative energies, while promoting good energy to flow freely between both partners in a relationship.

Self Pranic Healing can also be helpful in dealing with self-anger. Eliminating self-anger guards against projecting negative energy on a loved one over problems that actually have nothing to do with them, such as frustration from a hurried workday.

To effectively heal your relationships using Pranic Healing®, you need to:

-Learn to use the power of your aura and specific chakras to flush out anger, stress and resentment.

– Stop repeating the same negative energetic conditions that manifest as repeated failed relationships.

– Be guided in a powerful mediation to improve the “Heart Connection”, something many relationships lack.

– Practice the techniques so you can be confident in applying them immediately.

All Life is Energy and our relationship to Life is through Energy. By learning to consciously direct your own Life Force Energy, you can greatly improve your life experience. Begin today to heal yourself and your loved ones using Life Force Prana.

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by Master Stephen Co
Stephen Co is a master of the Life Force energy. The “miracles” that Master Co performs are nature’s certain response to the conscious direction of our life force energy(Chi or Prana. This subtle knowledge has evolved in the Orient over thousands of years. These ancient mysteries have been organized into a clear-cut science by Grand Master Choa Kok Sui, and are taught in the West by his senior disciple, Master Stephen Co. This system is called Pranic Healing.