“Experiencing Spiritual Energy” by Craig Junjulas

Higher vision states — the energy experience in classes and sessions

Craig JunjulasThe energy experienced in Higher Self Discovery classes and sessions has been described as soft, gentle, serene, healing, and spiritual. It has also been called powerful, bright, intense, and sometimes even mildly hallucinatory. The mind has the potential to become expanded and experience a blissful, joyous state of oneness. As the body relaxes into the process it may feel a warm peaceful energy that runs steadily or has a pulsing sensation accompanying it. An altered state of consciousness can be enjoyed in which the five senses become more acute, increase their scope, and communicate psychic information more clearly to the mind. As the room fills with a beautiful light that turns everything within it translucent it has been described as going quantum, radiant, blissful, interdimensional, even heavenly. I see it as a process of letting go of the grip on the limited physical level of reality and entering the multitude of frequencies, the many kingdoms that make up life.

When exploring these energies for the first time or experimenting with these techniques, some people may notice only a mild shift in the way they feel, or sense very little difference in perception. As with most spiritual practices, prior exposure to relaxation and meditation techniques can facilitate the process. Although prior metaphysical training can influence the intensity of the experience; many people achieve powerful results the first time being exposed to this energy.

The degree of “phenomenon” should not be construed as indicating the extent of a person’s capabilities, psychic talents, or spiritual evolvement. Everybody has the potential for sensing, feeling and seeing energy, communicating with other dimensions, and consciously traveling through time and space. In many cases it is the degree that the person recognizes and accepts what is taking place in their psyche that allows an even deeper experience. This is because the preexisting subconscious beliefs and fears can limit the results. By not dismissing the initial visions and feelings as mere fantasy, it signals the subconscious to relax the barriers and allow the process to continue. By not discounting the phenomenon by blaming it on other causative factors, our sight naturally expands to include brighter levels of spiritual energy and our minds open to even higher dimensions of reality.

In these classes and sessions we practice meditation with our eyes open, in a manner similar to many ancient systems such as the Dzogen tradition of Tibetan Buddhism. Higher vision is the natural state of sight when one relaxes, expands the energy centers of the body (chakras) and raises the consciousness while the physical eyes remain exposed to the physical world. A visual portal can be entered, through which both the “oneness” of life and the intricacies of its intertwining dimensions are revealed. Open eyed meditation helps to join the inner world of the spirit with the outer physical world. In this “quantum” sight, physical objects become somewhat translucent and human bodies can take on a soft glowing light, revealing the layers of energy that they are composed of and are surrounded by. This type of sight also affords a more direct view of the soul — revealing the history and the true spiritual makeup of others. It is a form of sight that is closer to the way the Higher Self would see this world — a loving and wise way of viewing life as composed of the energy of creation.

Some common visual experiences reported are: illumination around people and objects, tiny points of light floating in the air, and the colorful energies of the human aura radiating around a person’s body. In these higher visionary states, one can sometimes see facial changes that reflect the past lives, or the inner soul qualities of the person being observed. At times, the room itself can shift in appearance, or seem to disappear, and other spiritual realities can be directly seen and experienced. Guiding spirits can make themselves seen, felt and heard more easily in this conducive atmosphere. When teaching channeling, I sometimes invite a spirit guide into my aura and physical body to offer the students a direct view of mediumship. My etheric body acts as a holographic screen that displays this brilliant presence as visual changes in my facial features.

The instruction given during Higher Self Discovery classes and individual sessions is a blend of intellectual, intuitive and inspirational knowledge that employs the power of the spoken word to stimulate the inner wisdom of the receiver. It is form of creative teaching that is sometimes referred to as “sitting in truth” which utilizes psychic perception, aura interpretation, soul reading, inspirational speaking, and spiritual channeling. Its purpose is to initiate enlightenment.

The self-hypnotic procedures used to attain the altered states of consciousness described above engage the creative imagination and the human will in a meditative way to bring about a positive shift in both energy and consciousness. The guided meditations are directed toward relaxing the body and mind, requesting a connection to a spiritual source of love and wisdom, and allowing the light of the heart (the divine presence within) to expand and illuminate the aura. The mind is expanded toward experiencing cosmic consciousness and the energy centers (chakras) are opened to allow connection to the bountiful energies of the nature kingdoms as well as the many other dimensions and realities.

In both private sessions and group classes, the energy gradually increases and decreases in vibration at different intervals over the course of the event. This cycling is intended to progressively facilitate elevated wisdom and sight while providing rest periods wherein the experience can be described and everyday matters discussed. By entering this lofty energy for the moment,personally recording the occurrence, and becoming familiar with how it feels in the body — it teaches the individual’s mind-body-spirit system to raisethe energy levels for itself in the future. The information given regarding the process provides an understanding of how to access it and how it can help facilitate future personal and spiritual development. Being able to rise into the spiritual energies of higher realities, cool down and chat for a while (even joke and become somewhat distracted) then shift right back effortlessly, helps to protect against using tension to achieve and maintain this powerful state. It also shows that the students can learn to control the levels and steer their own course.

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This article is an excerpt from the forthcoming book on Self Discovery through Psychic Awareness. It is currently available on the website: www.higherselfdiscovery.com

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