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This month’s newsletter comes with Groundhog’s Day, Valentine’s Day, and Black History Month in the U.S.

This Month’s Recommended Merlian News Articles:

Podcasts: Consciousness Merlian News Podcasts with Dr. Jude Currivan on The Bigger Picture: Part 1

Merryn Jose discusses with Dr. Currivan the falling away of the old paradigms, what is ahead of us in 2009, the breakdown of structures that no longer serve us, and the importance of the Aquarian alignment that began on Feb. 14th, 2009. Dr Jude Currivan PhD is a sensitive, scientist, healer and cosmic geomancer, who has directly experienced multidimensional realities and guidance from an early age. She holds a PhD in Archaeology, researching ancient cosmologies and a Masters Degree in Physics, studying quantum physics and cosmology. Jude is the author THE WAVE, THE 8TH CHAKRA, THE 13TH STEP, and co-author with Dr. Ervin Laszlo of COSMOS (A Co-creator’s Guide To The Whole World), published by Hay House.

Astrology January 26 Solar eclipse in Sidereal Capricorn by Sam Geppi Currently in the sign of Capricorn we have a debilitated Jupiter, an exalted Mars, the North node, the Sun exchanging with retrograde Saturn — and soon to be Mercury, again. Now it’s really the time to get your mind around duties, responsibilities and your capacity for hard work and determined effort.

Books The Back in Time Tarot Book by Janet Boyer

This is a fascinating book, and a whole new way to bring the sub-conscious up to the light of day. The Back in Time Tarot Book is not like any other tarot book you may have read before. Janet Boyer has developed an innovative and unique method of working with the cards… Not only does this teach the Tarot deck in a uniquely personal way, but it allows you to gain valuable insight into your own psyche. By exploring the past you begin to learn what is influencing you in the present.

Books The Athiest’s Way: Living Well Without Gods by Eric Maisel, Ph.D. According to Maisel, the atheist’s way is not humanism, not existentialism, not spirituality, and not psychology but a path that embraces aspects of all those approaches to life. Unlike recent bestsellers about atheism, this book doesn’t rail against religion and believers. Instead, it announces that an indifferent universe need not deter humans from creating lives of value and integrity that are at once sustainable, rich, and real…


Emotional Freedom: Liberate Yourself From Negative Emotions and Transform Your Life: A New Uplifiting Book by Judith Orloff MD

We live in a tumultuous, fear-dominated period in history and must become masters at overcoming fear and other negative emotions so they don’t sabotage our power. With skill and compassion, Dr. Judith Orloff shows us how to become heroes in out own lives by transforming anger, loneliness, and envy and more rather than simply “reacting” when our buttons get pushed.

Spirituality What Is A Wiccan? by Dena Ventrudo

It has come to my attention that despite modern times allowing the internet to be commonly accessible in most households, there are many people out there who genuinely do not know about Wicca, and what it means to be Wiccan, a witch, or pagan.Many people are carrying around misconceptions and falsehoods they think to be truths. This article is about educating as many people as possible, so that if someone does “Google It”, they find real and true information.

Ancient Worlds The Legend of the Golden Solar Disc By Stephen Thomson In the last several years, there has been a renewal of interest in The Golden Solar Disc. Tradition holds the Disc was brought to Peru thousands of years ago by the Sages at the destruction of the island known as Lemuria. It was through the medium of the Disc that the spiritual hierarchy of the Lemurians was able to access and activate the higher knowledge of our universe. In recent years, an additional belief has come into knowing; suggesting the Disc also opens the heart center, in alignment with the universal energy of unconditional love.

Music Ascension: Elevating the Harmonics of Life by Gene Krackehl 2012 is approaching and we are all currently facing the most crucial decisions of our existence. Presented with the choice of continuing our present destructive, downward spiral or instead choosing to raise our collective frequencies and consciousness, elevating our spirituality, overcoming our human nature, healing our relationships with each other and in doing so, our planet as well. The latest album is 9 tracks of all music and takes over where his last one left off.

Conscious Eating Pure Food And Wine in NYC Pure Food and Wine’s unique take on this type of cuisine elevates raw-vegan food to a new place among high-end restaurant concepts. The restaurant was featured twice in New York Magazine’s “Top 100 Restaurants” and 4 years in a row in Forbes magazine’s list of “All Star New York Eateries” with three stars, in the company of the most highly rated restaurants in New York City. The term raw refers to keeping all of the ingredients under 118 degrees to preserve the food’s natural enzymes and nutritional integrity.


The Prophets Conference


The Prophets Conference programs, with many of today’s trailblazing teachers, are designed to cultivate spiritual principles and scientific potentials, invoking oneness and deeper experiences for those who participate in this growing community.

Working to integrate expansive perspectives, and prompting discovery, beauty and understanding, The Prophets Conference looks to be of service for the creation of the direct knowing of the love filled eternal present moment in which we all abide.

It is a guiding premise of this organization that a holistic inclusive approach opening to and encompassing all the diverse avenues of life will help create healing, health, coherence, and more meaning. Many ancient and modern teachings are offered and combined to help shed pathologies growing from narcissism, fundamentalism, and materialism.

While stimulating active participation in meaningful change and creative expression in all life’s endeavors, The Prophets Conference encourages the spirit of positive emotions through learned happiness and the granting of permission to just be positive and awash in the plentitude of being. Grasping the interconnectedness of all things, together we learn to live in wonder, appreciation, awareness, and wholeness.

Thank you once more, for your positive feed back and support!

Merryn & Team

Merryn Jose – Editor & Publisher

Dena Ventrudo- Assistant Editor

Eugene Kelly- Book Reviewer

Cheryl Shainmark- Book Reviewer

Carl Casella – Sound Editor

by Merlian News & Team
Merryn Jose is a professional spiritual intuitive, writer and teacher. She now resides in New York state. Merryn comes from a long lineage of practising Celtic psychics. Her web site is a regularly updated resource of Holistic information concerning the development of the intuitive faculties. Merryn is also the editor and publisher of online Merlian News Magazine, and is now regularly featuring podcast interviews with cutting edge minds on MerlianPodcasts.com.