For The Next 7 Generations by Carole Hart

For the Next 7 Generations From Award-Winning Producer/Director/Writer Carole Hart

A Project of the Center for Sacred Studies and the International Council of Thirteen Indigenous Grandmothers…

A production of The Laughing Willow Co., Inc.

13 Indigenous women elders, shamans and medicine women from around the world, have been called together to share their sacred wisdom and practices. Can they light the way for us to a peaceful and sustainable planet?

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13 Grandmothers With The Dalai Lama

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by Carole Hart
For the Next 7 Generations: The Grandmothers Speak, is well on its way to becoming a full-length documentary for initial theatrical release. The movie tells the story of 13 Indigenous Grandmothers from around the globe - the Arctic Circle, North, Central and South America, Asia and Africa - who have come together because they were told in prophecy that their ancestral ways of prayer, peace-making and healing are vitally needed in the world today.