Great Awakening: Part 2 by Jocelyn Graef

Author, Jocelyn GraefWe will give you an example of a past time lesson. Many of you here now were also in body during this age of Atlantis. This legendary place has not been forgotten because of the event of continental destruction that took place then. During this time, many technological advances were made. Much was understood about energy and the harnessing and directing of it on a very powerful level. A great disaster resulted from the inappropriate controlling and manipulating of this power as a result of self-interest with disregard for greater good, resulting in the destruction of the entire continent, affecting entire planet and destroying a multitude of lives. This created not only an individual karma for those directly involved, but a group karma for all those present. A responsibility to re-balance that which was thrown out of integrity, harmony.

There are now many of you who were once Atlanteans, for this is a great opportunity to actively participate in the harmonizing in a time of cacophony. Last time, you see, there was an allowing of destruction through blindness on the part of society, or through lack of effort to re-direct the trend. It is your chosen task to resolve your karma by actively participating now to prevent the past outcome from repeating itself in a remarkably similar way. This heals not only in an individual way, but also serves the group.

Atlantis is one dramatic example. There have been countless other times and places on the planet where there has been much given and much lost. As you each pursue to balance the lessons and issues you have come to in your personal process, there is also this aspect of being a part of the greater whole. This is the nature of things and an aspect of greater truth.

Not everyone in body now has come to serve this changing time specifically. They will participate in their way, of course, for they are here and cannot be untouched by the changes, but there are those who are simply choosing this time as best opportunity to accomplish their own agenda without focusing on the whole. There is no judgment here. Each one of you has been schooled and counseled by your spiritual group before you have taken on body. Each one is therefore presented with perfect opportunity to learn those lessons you are desiring in order to grow and achieve.

It is those of you who are here to serve this time that we are speaking to. You are each one healers, seeking to heal, to balance in your own way. As doctors and lawyers, police people, holistic healers, bankers, teachers and so on. There is no task that cannot be a healing one, given in service to all. Each of your gifts can be given to harmonize during this time of great transition.

Many of you have asked, “How can we know if we are part of this awakening?” You will know as you are called to seek something greater. A different expression of service in the world, perhaps. Or a calling to find a new way to express the work you have been doing. A curiosity about philosophies and understandings you have not been interested in before. A greater awakening in a variety of ways.

How is this happening then, how does this great awakening occur? Having wonderful dreams and waking up so wise one day? No, indeed. It is a greater partnership here, in that you are being transformed quite literally and very gradually by those of your spiritual group who are serving this time with you from their place in spirit. You are the member of the team who is in body. You are the vehicle for action in the world. The action will be taken according to your beliefs and desires and motivations. Important then that you have understanding of what is afoot.

The great awakening we speak of includes an actual keying up, a tuning up of the vibratory rate of your being. Where there is actual physical change occurring. You are being uplifted. As you are uplifted you are better able, from your higher vantage point, to perceive messages from those members of your spiritual team who are guiding you and working with you, to enable you to have a greater awareness of your true mission. These messages will rarely be understood as such, for they come in ways you can receive them. This will be different for each of you. Generally they will be felt as a desire or curiosity to do or explore in an area never before thought of. Perhaps the message will come through a dream or as an inspiration.

It is most necessary to learn to listen, to train the inner hearing to discern the whispers of guidance originating beyond the mind, as well as taking action. This is done most powerfully through the discipline of meditation, which we will discuss in depth at a different time.

None of you are alone. Remember this even in your darkest moments. You cannot be alone. It is the grand illusion and the great suffering of human experience to feel that you are alone. It is impossible to be alone, for God is present within you as well as around and with out you. God is present in all that is. On deepest level then, you are God. When you are following guidance, the directives of spirit, the greater knowledge beyond the mind, you are serving self in deepest level. This is the way it works.

So. In this great awakening, this tuning up, this keying up — this is being triggered from outside. From spirit realm. What is happening is, as your vibratory rate is raised up, there are actual physical responses. We have spoken to some of you who have had unpleasant physical reactions. Very common feeling now among many who are being awakened to have fluttering in solar plexus, acting like anxiety. This is non-directional; it does not seem to have any reason or focus. Nervous disorders or conditions that can be most unpleasant are being experienced by some of you. Intestinal changes. Very real physical reaction to this tuning up. This is temporary, for the tuning up is done in small increments with longer periods, perhaps months, of rest. This rest allows you to stabilize and absorb the changes and prepare you for another phase of tuning up.

Spirit is monitoring this process very knowledgeably, very responsibly, with full and pure integrity. This is not to be feared but celebrated, for you are one member of a marvelous team.

As you are tuned up you will find that there will also be changes in your perceptions, perspectives and awareness. You will be able to perceive your spiritual teachers more consciously, more directly, for this is one result of the quickening of your vibratory rate. You are able to perceive more than you could at a slower or lower density.

Result of this greater conscious access is that it shortens the time of your process. It awakens the memory of where you are from and who you truly are, what your purpose truly is. Part of the reaction here is the feeling of so much purpose, yet not completely understanding the direction of the purpose. Feeling driven by purpose but blind to the meaning of it. This is an aspect, a response to this awakening time, also.

Or, there can be great upheaval in personal life. Losing job, losing relationship, perhaps. All of a sudden, no aspect of life is working for you. What to do — aahh, feeling so lost. Some of you need this experience of feeling lost so you can begin the search to find self. This leads to greater emergence. Becoming more of who you truly are. The result of this quest is always joy and profound fulfillment. It is only when you are truly walking your path, fully in the purpose which you have come to fulfill, that you can find joy.

Your unfoldment will happen incrementally. You will each be given that which you can receive and benefit from. As you each grow in your own way, a greater clarity of purpose and understanding of self will eventually emerge. Your light will shine brighter in the world as layers of confusion are peeled away one by one.

Your awareness of a greater polarity occurring in the world will become more acute. This time has been referred to as the final great battle between darkness and light. Not accurate, for this is not a battle but rather a choosing by each of you where you will place your focus and your energy.

“Battle” denotes conflict and indicates a stance of separation. The perspective of being separate is merely an erroneous belief that you are apart from your source. The concept of battle indicates that one or other will reign victorious. This is also inaccurate, for as we have said before, all of universe remains in balance. It is only your perspective and understanding that perhaps is out of balance.

As many of you look around you are seeing much darkness, feeling sometimes crowded and swallowed up by your sense of darkness. You are forgetting that there is equal degree of light. This is the clarity offered to you as these energies polarize. Easier to recognize. Your opportunity is to choose which one you will focus on and add to.

If you are focusing on the darkness, “Oh, this is terrible, we must fight this, stop this great darkness,” then you are simply adding to the darkness by feeding it with your energy. If you are focusing on the light, “Ah, yes, here is where I am needed, here is where I can serve, here is where it will be received,” then you are making brighter the light in the world.

Opposition creates greater energy of conflict, whereas service given non-judgmentally creates greater cohesiveness, adding to the strength of the whole. It is here that spirit is working so hard, guiding each of you in those areas where your gifts are so needed.

We are all together in our efforts and homeward direction, spirit and physical entity, those seeking to serve light and God, those swimming in the pain of darkness and separation. Compassion is most necessary. All are doing the best they can, following their voices to the best of their ability.

We are all together, working toward the ultimate eventuality of going home, rejoining once again with the source whence we have come. No one of us can achieve our goal while there is so much as one being left behind. This is our group commitment.

This is a tremendous, precarious, exciting time. We can tell you most joyfully that already much is achieved. Some of the karmic changes that have been scheduled to occur have been commuted to a softening of the manifestation. This is a direct result of the degree of response to the awakening. The purpose of the present circumstances of disruption of the old ways is to awaken each of you to change the direction of spiraling down into further separation and lift you up to a higher expression in the world. As this occurs, as each of you work to fulfill your promise and grow and serve, the awakening happens and the need for shaking you out of your complacence is no longer there.

We are blessed and humbled by the eagerness of your desire to serve. You are indeed achieving much, with more to come. Serve in love, as you are gratefully and lovingly served. Remember that you are not alone and that as you serve you will be also served.

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by Jocelyn Graef
A lifelong psychic, Jocelyn began her training in spiritual and psychic development as a young woman. During that early period, she also had the honor of studying Reiki with Hawayo Takata, the source of Reiki outside Japan and the final Grand Master of her lineage. She ultimately became a Reiki Master in order to teach the pure Reiki that Takata taught her.After many years of life experience and spiritual development, Jocelyn became a trance medium, channeling an ancient entity known as “Li Chen.” A Tibetan monk in his last life more than 700 years ago, Li Chen is an ascended master working through Jocelyn to serve this time by bringing a greater clarity to our lives. From this deeper understanding of who we truly are we may walk unerringly forward on our path, understanding our gifts and how best to implement them for greater service. Currently offering sessions with Li Chen over the phone, Jocelyn lives in Oakland, CA with her husband and two dogs. She can be contacted through email at