Great Awakening: Part 1 by Jocelyn Graef

Author, Jocelyn GraefW elcome. We are Li Chen. We are speaking here about this time you are in that is a time of great awakening. It is the time foreseen by many cultures throughout millennia. A time of prophecy fulfilled.

This is an era of vast and rapid change in all areas of life, to be felt in every corner of the earth. A period of breaking down of the old ways in order that a new way can emerge. For as the old ways no longer serve, a new approach must be discovered.

As you witness the truth of this around you — drastic changes in earth through earthquakes, floodings and extreme weather patterns, an increase in wars and social troubles, economic distress and uncertainty, ecological dangers — you are also experiencing this personally in your lives. How could you not, for all is interconnected. It is the very breaking down of the old structure, the feeling of shifting sands beneath your feet that forces you to seek something more solid, a stronger foundation on which to stand and build.

This must be done from within, for it is from your understanding that you function. If your perception is one of fear and uncertainty, you will act to strengthen the old structure, reinforce the ramparts of perceived safety, though it is clear you are not protected by this approach.

If you are striving for a greater truth, stretching your perspective to encompass your life as an intrinsic part of all that is, going deeper within to find a greater truth, rather than temporary solutions to increasing problems, you will find yourself on solid ground both spiritually and in your daily life.

Your spiritual and emotional, and in some cases physical, survival will depend on your internal response to what is given to you to experience. If you can pull yourself out of fear, you will be able to see a greater pattern beyond what you personally are experiencing and move forward spiritually to embrace with gratitude the opportunity for tremendous growth and development of true serenity based in a greater wisdom.

This is how you change the world — by changing your perspective and understanding. It is through deeper wisdom that the dissolution of fear is experienced and you are truly free. Because of what has been disappearing, no longer working, you are given an opportunity for a new perspective, a greater understanding.

Many of you are seeking this already, for your old beliefs are simply no longer serving you. For those of you who choose to seek, you will experience this great awakening where the nobility of the human spirit can rise to a higher level of expression, transcending the blindness and smallness of past times. It is an opportunity, a requirement for a quantum leap in the evolution of mankind. This is the reason many of you are here in body at this time on your earth.

We accurately refer to this time now as the “Second Coming” though it is not what you think. It is not an embodiment of the one known as Jesus, as many of you believe. Rather, it is the process of a spiritual awakening that many of you are having and many more of you will share in experiencing.

There will be events occurring, some of these having already begun, that will serve to polarize much of the population both spiritually and politically, ideologically. The events we speak of will include catastrophic shiftings of earth crust in the form of great earthquakes as well as prolonged droughts and great floodings. This time is upon you and will increase in timbre over the next five to ten years. Large land masses will be inundated with great floodings, earthquakes will devastate pockets of earth, some areas being changed beyond recognition. There are diseases coming forward now that are ravaging the population and causing much fear. All these events and trends will necessitate a different approach to relief because of sheer onslaught of number of these events. This will require a group effort on a large scale.

Each event impacts other aspects of life. Flooding of lands and unusual weather patterns are damaging crops and creating shortages in food supply. Emergencies of various natures requiring money to overcome, creating a dearth of funds in other areas. Large scale economic shiftings reflected in changing job trends and personal financial situations. Etcetera.

There is no one who will remain untouched by the events of your times. Some will be affected through direct experience of living in an area of physical change, perhaps losing all they have. Most will be filled with fear and insecurities arising from these events. Many will feel as though God has abandoned humankind and is punishing you, though this is not so. Most of you will be shaken to the roots of your complacency, requiring you to change your view and perspective of life, thereby changing your approach.

Beliefs will change. This is a most necessary aspect of this time, for many of your beliefs are not based in a greater truth and therefore do not serve you. Some of the disasters slated to occur will take place in geographical areas that have not been known to have earthquake faults, or have never before been flooded, or have not had volcanic eruption in the course of human memory. It will seem to many like very dark time indeed.

As well as these changes in earth, there are many diseases coming forward now, some of them known yet being seen in a far more virulent form than ever before, some of them new to the planet. These are like plague of modern times. These epidemics will grow to greater proportions before they are curtailed. You are already seeing this.

There will be those who will refer to this time as “Armageddon” and they will be correct also, though it is not what they think. This is not a time when a large man in a white beard who many see as “God” will strike down all of humanity in great displeasure. This is not a time of soul judgment and punishment. Nor is this a time of the end of your planet. Though the possibility is there with your technology, we do not see this occurring.

So. In full momentum is this time of polarizing, accentuating greatly what would otherwise have been seen and pondered by only a few. There will be little time for pondering in the coming days and years. Very exciting time of action is upon you.

You will notice that as events become more acute, requiring action, the response will become more accentuated also. This will provide a viewing of the distillation of your beliefs in many cases. Many will simply be in reaction to the events. Oh, how could you not. In your human blindness you cannot see the bigger picture, what the greater movement is behind your individual experiences.

Your earth is a great classroom, providing an arena for the acting out of ideas and beliefs that ultimately bring you the growth you seek through the expressions of the physical. This is the purpose and the nature of the gift of Earth. It will never be a perfect place of idyllic harmony and peaceful utopia. If it were, it would not be necessary to be here. This planet is doing as this planet has always intended to do; filling its purpose as a stage for re-balancing, for learning lessons, for growing and unfoldment.

Growth is often painful. Greatest lessons are not always learned through joy. Lessons tend to be learned very quickly, however, through pain. There is now a magnitude to the scope and degree of changes on the planet that has not been experienced before. This is necessary to evoke response from enough of you that appropriate action is taken to ensure this classroom will remain. If these changes were to happen incrementally, the response necessary for the survival of the planet may very well not occur. This is the danger.

People do not like to change and will generally not do so until forced to in some way. Revolutions do not happen unless there is no other way. People prefer complacence. People do not like to get up out of their seat unless there is a pricking in the seat and they are forced to get up. This is human nature.

As you experience this time through the various events you will be going through, you will watch your responses. Are they the result of a belief system that you are conscious of, or are they based in an overall attitude to life and God that you have not been aware of?

Reaction is a great teacher, for it shows you your own deeper level of beliefs. If you are experiencing an earthquake or financial disaster or disease in your body, will you feel personally punished by a God who is displeased with you? Will you feel you are simply a victim of circumstance, caught by the tide of an event that is sweeping over you? Will you be traumatized to a point of great fear of life, or will you seek a greater understanding of the event? Is there a pattern or is it random?

Let us speak on what is actually occurring in this time. We will speak first of the trends within and without you that have led to this great culmination time.

There is a great imbalance on this planet now as a result of incremental process of self-indulgence, greed and power issues that have been progressing for millennia. These are merely aspects of human nature. However, this trend has finally brought the planet to the brink of its destruction with the technology now able to enforce these counter-productive philosophies and behaviors with the ability to end all life on planet.

There is no point in history where you can point finger and say, “There, that is where it started.” Each of you has had grand scope of life experiences in your reincarnational history that has carried you through myriad cultures and belief systems. Because you are the sum of all you have experienced throughout time, you carry with you on your deeper level a memory of those beliefs and events. As you are here to fulfill your individual personal agenda, you are also participating in the group lesson and karma. All is connected, always. There can be no separation.

As you have reincarnated again and again, there is karma; lessons to be learned, harmony to be restored. This is happening on both an individual and a group level. Many of you have chosen to appear in body during those times and in those places where pivotal lessons and growth are occurring. These have all been practice for this time here. This is not a time for a stride, but a great leap.

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by Jocelyn Graef
A lifelong psychic, Jocelyn began her training in spiritual and psychic development as a young woman. During that early period, she also had the honor of studying Reiki with Hawayo Takata, the source of Reiki outside Japan and the final Grand Master of her lineage. She ultimately became a Reiki Master in order to teach the pure Reiki that Takata taught her.After many years of life experience and spiritual development, Jocelyn became a trance medium, channeling an ancient entity known as “Li Chen.” A Tibetan monk in his last life more than 700 years ago, Li Chen is an ascended master working through Jocelyn to serve this time by bringing a greater clarity to our lives. From this deeper understanding of who we truly are we may walk unerringly forward on our path, understanding our gifts and how best to implement them for greater service. Currently offering sessions with Li Chen over the phone, Jocelyn lives in Oakland, CA with her husband and two dogs. She can be contacted through email at