Healing The Light Body School

The Healing The Light Body School is a program leading to certification in Luminous Healing and Soul Retrieval. Alberto Villoldo, Ph.D. Alberto Villoldo, Ph.D. and Senior Staff A professional training leading to certification as a practioner of energy medicine. From the moment you decide to take the class you become part of a healing community of highly qualified individuals dedicated to their own growth and to healing the Earth. Training includes lecture, hands-on practice, experiential exercises, and ancient rites of passage. The course includes the Four Insights, which are the mystery teachings of the master shaman. You learn the Illumination process, the Extraction process, Soul Retrieval process, and the rites of passage that assist you in your life transitions. Each area represents one of the pillars of a successful healing practice. Courses flow from topic to the other, with hands-on work, ritual, ceremony, and personal healing work intertwined with formal teachings. The Healing The Light Body School creates a space for personal transformation and promotes a high sense of ethics and integrity in one’s healing practice. Technical competency is achieved through small group work in close supervision. The tools the students learn at the school bring balance to the body, to the soul, and to the Earth. They allow us to discover states of exceptional health and to consciously participate in our future evolution. Develop a new career path, where you can make your contribution, and find the tools to realize your full potential. If you are a ‘natural healer’ this program will give you a framework within which to understand and utilize your skills more effectively. If you are already in a healing profession and would like to enhance your present skills with new techniques, you will learn them in this class. And if you are drawn to a spiritual path for your own personal transformation, you will find yourself in a safe and warmly supportive environment. For more information about other trainings visit www.thefourwinds.com or call 888-437-4077 Email: fourwinds@thefourwinds.com

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The Four Winds Society, an international research and training organization, is preserving a thousand year old tradition of knowledge to achieve personal and planetary healing. Founded by psychologist and medical anthropologist Dr. Alberto Villoldo, The Four Winds Society provides a scientific framework through which we can learn the ancient art of energy medicine. Our Healing the Light Body School trains practitioners in luminous healing, and our Master Practitioner of Soul Retrieval and Destiny Retrieval program offers certification in destiny work, the path to discovering a client's high calling.