Avocado and Lime Peppers with Fresh Figs by Eric Llewellyn


4-6 large fresh carrots

2 red or yellow peppers

2 -3 Ripe avocados – yum delicious!

5-6 torn fresh basil leaves

2 Limes squeezed,

One fresh Fig


1. Fresh Basil leaves.

2. Slice up the red and yellow peppers into strips. Remember to remove all the seeds!

3. Freshly finely grate organic carrots

4. Remove the flesh from the avocado(s)

5. Add the mashed avocado to the finely grated carrot

6. Add the basil and bell pepper to the carrot-avocado mixture, and serve.

7. A little (or as much) of the Lime flesh can be reserved and added to the final mixture if desired.

8. One fresh fig quartered and served on top to enjoy.


Please always use organic produce where available.

In 1980, Eric Llewellyn set up Nature’s Own, a health supplement company supported by many medical practitioners. Eric’s rationale for setting up the company was to provide the then fledgling Bristol Cancer Help Centre with the purest and most effective vitamins and minerals possible for cancer patients.He also pioneered the development of metabolic systems of treatment to boost immune system effectiveness using ‘Food Structure’ nutrients.

He was also involved in establishing a number of innovative research projects as well as pragmatic solutions for conditions including diabetes and prostate cancer by the use of vitamins and mineral supplements, coupled with sound nutrition. He has also developed supplement programmes to support the immune system for the British Society for Mercury-free Dentistry. Biocare was established by John Stirling after leaving Eric’s employment at Nature’s Own. Another company was co-founded by Eric in 2001 to specialise in ‘Food Structure’ nutrients and research, with the aim of advancing food state technology and research. Many of the companies Eric has worked with since 1980 still use his exclusive formulas.

by Eric Llewellyn
Eric’s career in health began with his training with Naturopathy at the British College of Naturopathy and Osteopathy. He subsequently spent five years training in nutrition, holistic health and the importance of healthy vibrant soil with a pioneering holistic medical practitioner, Dr. Philip Kilsby. In 1997, Eric became a member of the Royal Society of Health, to continue his groundbreaking work with nutrition and ‘Food Structure’ nutrients. He was also elected a member of the Scientific and Medical Network ten years ago.(continued below)