Interview with Sandra Ingerman By Megan McFeely

Sandra IngermanSeveral months ago I had a conversation with a great American Shaman, Sandra Ingerman. It was my first interview in a long time and I have to say I am so happy it was with her… for there is an ease about her, a homeyness and deep presence that made me quite comfortable and allowed for a certain kind of flow to happen between us. I had committed to myself to make this Podcast something that was alive, in the moment and interactive… a conversation between two people trying to become fully human and I feel we really hit the mark (although I do cringe a bit when I hear my voice!!)

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There are two parts that we will be posting. In this first one which is 25 minutes long, we discuss how we as individuals can actively participate in the healing of the world. We talked specifically about the oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico, but what Sandra says can be applied to any world event… even those that are extremely positive, like what is going on in the Middle East, and the demand for the right to govern oneself. How can we support positive things and how can we work with the positive in seemingly negative situations? We also talked about what is being taught to us through world events and how we might listen to the symbolism, the news behind the news, and support what is being born. Megan McFeelyAnd then we moved into the idea of spiritual responsibility. How our individual shadow and dreams contribute to the collective, and what we manifest in the world together. And then lastly, we discussed what can we do to champion what is coming alive in us and around us and how our joy and following our hearts can guide us beyond ego desires to contribute to the health of the whole. Seems like a lot! But somehow… she made it simple and I am so grateful for her participation in this podcast and her great wisdom. I also want to thank Adrianne Anderson, super producer, for all her input and help, for without her this would not have been made. I hope you enjoy it and PLEASE comment… We want to hear what you know and what you want to hear more of. Megan

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by Megan McFeely
Megan McFeely has unknowingly been on a spiritual journey her whole life. She woke up to this fact after a major tragedy in 1997 and since then been looking for ways and tools to live an authentic life with as much integrity as she can manage. She has worked in outreach and communications for individuals and organizations that are leaders in the fields of consciousness research, spiritual development and alternative thinking. Five years ago she met her Sufi teacher and all she thought she knew went out the door. She writes about her experience of trying to become fully human.