Jodi Serota’s Channeled Newsletter October 2013

Jodi Serota’s Channeled Newsletter for Ocotber 2013

What “Appears” To Be Happening? It has been said that after this 26,000 year cycle, since Dec. 2012, that the Earth would be brought into a new alignment, and that the World & Humanity would finally make it through this time period, like never before in Earth’s history. We’ve been given the impression that this would bring great change for the better, and that an evolution and awakening of consciousness would occur, ushering in a Re-birth of enlightenment through love.

Well here we are, and it “seems” as if there’s more suffering than we can consciously remember feeling not much of a bright outlook for the future. Some feel as if nothing new really occurred and that we’re just continuing down a road of destruction, confusion, suffering, with a lack of compassion for the greater whole, resulting in despair. This is completely the opposite of what we’ve been “told” would happen. Do we have free will to make necessary changes for the betterment of us all, or not?

I’d like to feel that we still have a chance for love and compassion to truly prevail, uniting us in the idea that an all-inclusive frequency of love can make a difference. Then, the necessary shifts desired and required for us to live peacefully together on this planet can finally occur.

The Higher Realms:

From my guidance, these predicted shifts did occur in the higher dimensions and the changes are now being anchored more directly into the Physical Earth Realms. Everything that is in synch with the truth rather than illusion needs to be redefined. Humanity has been responding for eons of time to traumas, with mixed thought-forms, confused belief systems and erroneous perceptions from having lived through personal and mass confusion throughout Earth’s history.

For all of us to come into a true awakened state of unity consciousness it requires forgiveness and acceptance, treating others, as we’d like to be treated. We must realize that all our thoughts, actions, and expressions affect the greater whole. We need to learn from our misguided pasts.

Instant Shifts Are Possible:

Some of our Karmic situations can be transmuted through asking for dispensations from the Hierarchies of Light, as long as we’ve done most of our own inner work. St. Germaine assists in Alchemical healing through asking for his Violet flame to burn off the dross that doesn’t serve the truth of our existence. As we focus compassion & love into what appears as darkness, or to parts of ourselves kept obscured, this infusion of light on the shadow instantly shifts to light. Change can occur with ease, sometimes appearing as miracles. Holding prayers or positive intentions are helpful as well.

Many People Experiencing Ascension Symptoms:

Ascension is the anchoring in of our Divine selves, embodying the gifts and abilities of the higher orchestration of God, Creator, All there is, (whatever words feel comfortable for you), on the Earth plane. As we are more fully beginning to embrace & embody our God Consciousness, we learn to transmute all that feels limiting. This enables us to be living in a higher consciousness on the planet.

Unfortunately, for many, there have been feelings of discomfort in the body due to all these changes. Our bodies are being recalibrated to hold the full higher frequency of our God/light. In order for that to completely be embodied our physical systems must be expanded, feeling like we’re being stretched as open vessels to hold more of our true selves resonating at a quicker vibration. Many are feeling waves of tremors moving through, which can often feel like nervous, overwhelming feelings. For others, they may feel tired and as if they can’t get enough sleep or rest to be sustained.

Others are opening more psychically and sometimes not quite sure of clear etheric boundaries, hearing voices and trying to decipher what is truth. Some are seeing lights around them, hearing sounds or feeling heightened sensitivities. Many pick up the feelings of others like a high frequency antenna not always knowing if it’s someone else’ issues or their own. Some are open enough to also feel the collective consciousness of humanity and feel overwhelmed or bombarded with too much energy. People are also feeling the suffering and reaction to change that everyone is going through on many levels and it can feel frightening. A lot is happening and we’ve never really experienced this level of vibrational change while on the planet. Change is never really comfortable, but this is a “rite of passage” bringing everyone into a fuller remembrance of their true gifts and mastery as compassionate beings of an all-inclusive love. In that, peace can prevail!

On A More Positive Note:

Humanity as a whole is awakening to all their truths, gifts and greater sense of purpose, serving all. As sensory perceptions are being heightened, we are all coming into mastery. The masters of the past had to go through initiations, trials and tribulations, to remember their innate qualities knowing they had the “right stuff” within, for all challenges.

We are all being awakened to remember what already is. Allowing for change is not always an easy task in human perception, but it is required for our next steps of this collective rebirth. Death and rebirth are always in tandem. As one part of us lets go, another part can emerge for a newer, grander experience of truth.

A Time Of New Possibilities:

This is a powerful time with so much potential. Everyone needs to honor their own way of growing and trust that we’ll all get to whatever we’re yearning for. We must hold to our goals with detachment of timing or how our lives will get from one step to another. Being in the moment and responding differently to challenges is helpful for maintaining ease. So much is being shown through witnessing our journeys while being in it simultaneously.

It’s truly a grand time on the planet with so much potential for miraculous experiences, growth and evolution of consciousness. Trust is difficult when we feel we have no conscious reference point of this much change at one time. We chose though higher conscious decisions to incarnate on the planet during these tumultuous but wondrous times, to be present and contribute through our own personal journeys. We came with the perfect tools within for our personal and outer tasks to be part of this amazing time of recollection of wholeness of Spirit.

In Conclusion:

Stay in integrity with yourself and others. Be open to allowing for everyone to follow his or her own heartfelt ways of life. Think, feel, express to self and others in loving ways. Keep your heart open no matter what, and be open to the journey of life, riding all the waves with much enthusiasm, passion, compassion and joy! Know you’re not alone. We’re all in this together so accept, forgive and unite. Know we are all loved, lovable and loving and are worthy and truly belong.

In Love, Gratitude & Peace,


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by Jodi Serota
Jodi Serota is a life-changing metaphysical educator, channel, vibrational healer and professional artist. Her in-depth intuitive abilities and her remarkable sound healing powers are used to create initiations and activations which instantly make major shifts in consciousness and healing. She holds individual sessions, teaches classes & creates multi-media concerts and events for personal growth, transformation and the creative process. Jodi is the owner and creator of META Center New York and a co-author of the book Healing The Heart of The World.