Taking Care of Colds & Flu Naturally

Taking Care of Colds and Flu–Naturally By Mitzi Adams, Certified Jin Shin Jyutsu ® Practitioner

During this time of cold and flu season, we can get caught off-guard. I am sure many of you have gotten the flu shot, and that may or may not prevent you from getting the flu. Then, there are those of us who have chosen not to get the flu shot this year, and simply want to let our own immune systems do its job. Whatever your status may be, knowing Jin Shin JyutsuSelf-Help 3 Flow can help you to nip your cold or flu in the bud, before it fully blooms! Though you may be on medication, this flow can still help to speed up your healing time. This ancient Japanese art form, likened to acupressure, can help to stimulate your immune system so you can ward off “problems and discomforts.”

Click on this link, see the flow and chart, and learn how you can help yourself with your health and well-being… naturally.

Please note: If you are in the midst of illness, do this flow twice/day. As a preventative measure, once/day will suffice.

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by Mitzi Adams