Lives In Between Lives By Jenny Smedley

What happens to a soul when the body dies? It’s been assumed that there is some kind of judgement involved, followed by different things, depending on your belief system — descent into a fiery pit, ascension into heaven, or a return to this physical plane in another mortal body. For those who believe in reincarnation, the third option fits, but it’s never been known how this next life is selected, and again it was assumed that the quality of your next life would depend on how you had lived, and after judgement, what kind of life would suit the ‘crime’.

In reality it’s not like that at all, and now that hypnotherapists have discovered a way that people can be regressed into their spiritual life between lives, or ‘soul home’, they can tell us how it really is. During this time you meet guides, teachers and angels whose role it is to show you what you achieved in your past life, and explain your options and scenarios that you can choose to experience in the next one, with the greater good of your soul always foremost in mind. Accessing your life between lives can answer those most important of all questions, why we are here, and can we change the way our current lives are unfolding?

The demonstrable thread weaving through all these experiences is that loving acceptance and non-judgemental wisdom abound in the between-lives state. This is perhaps most evident in the experiences of souls who choose to visit their personal ‘Council’ of wise beings to review their progress in this and other lives. Those who visit their wise Councils find that questions are answered and guidance is given, totally without judgement and always with abundant, unconditional love.

Diana Coldman, Life Coach, Reiki Practitioner

Diana is just five feet tall, and during her Life Between Lives experience, she discovered that her petite physique is no accident. It was a choice she made before entering this life.

“My first inkling of this was when, as part of my LBL experience, I was taken back to my mother’s womb in this life. As I regained my pre-birth soul consciousness the memories clarified; I knew I had chosen a small body for this life. In other lives I have been taller, physically predominant, usually a leader. My small body means I will have to pace myself and lead from a different perspective. This time I have to show people what I know so they will listen to the content and not just be overwhelmed by my physical presence. I am a teacher; and this will present me with entirely new facets on how to teach.”

As Diana was guided into the interlife, her first impression was one of immense love and compassion, which remained with her throughout the experience. At the gateway to Soul Home, Diana was approached by a loving being, coming down steps from a white building with beautiful pillars; and she received a message. ‘Welcome home; it’s all love. Here, love is all there is …’

Diana asked her guide to take her to the library, where she could re-discover details of past lives that would help her in this one. “My Guide asked me what I learned from each life — what was my lesson here … and here…it was a beautiful, inscribed book, a scroll of my work from which I somehow got images and senses, not pictures. And I learned what I need to know now – don’t push against life because you have already learned so much. You don’t have to struggle to teach others. Allow others to make their own decisions. You are not responsible for their decisions — these will come in their time, not your time.’ Diana was reunited with her soul mate (her husband in this current life) and with her own Council of wise guides, further confirming her role as a teacher during incarnations and between lives. Diana received powerful confirmation of her close links with the natural world, her role as a teacher during this time of huge energy changes — since her LBL experience, Diana decided to receive Reiki practitioner attunements, and her already-strong intuitive abilities have increased hugely — and absolute affirmation that, as an intuitive life coach, she is indeed on her soul’s chosen pathway to purpose.

Sharron Richardson, corporate trainer

Sharron is 50 and has spent the last 20 years bringing up her children and running a training company with her husband Martin. Now her daughters have flown the nest, she is re-evaluating life, but seemed to have trouble focusing on what she should do. Sharron is a very easy-going individual and does not like to hurt people.

‘My LBL therapist guided me into hypnosis and I regressed back to my childhood; then the time before birth until eventually back to a previous life.

My name was Elizabeth and I lived with my mother and father in Stepney, London in 1942. I loved my father who was away in the army but I was not close to my mother. I died after a German bomb destroyed our house. My mother survived but it wasn’t until after my ‘death’ that I felt some compassion for her. After death, I stayed to ‘comfort’ her but then felt I was being pulled away from that life.

I was aware of some bright flashing lights, which at first appeared to be orange, then a variety of colours. These were entities beckoning to me, welcoming me. I was wrapped in a cloak of kindness and comfort, then realised I was ‘home’.

I was in a huge meeting place where there were hundreds of entities unknown to me. I was greeted by the souls of my husband Martin (soul-mate), my youngest daughter and my grandmother. My Guide, Amber, came forward. She was tall, surrounded by white yellow and gold light with bright orange hair, radiating pure love. She took me to another room where 5 large entities stood before me, to review the life I’d just left.

The first entity appeared as an old man, almost Merlin-like, wearing robes. He had a silver chain around his neck and in each link was a mirror. The purpose of this was to reflect on my life and so ‘learn for the future’. In my life as Elizabeth, I had not been loyal to my mother and was too eager to leave. I must learn to be loyal and help others, to persevere and never give up.

The second entity was more feminine, almost like a kindly schoolmistress. She wore a cross around her neck but it had two parallel bars. I was told this represented two lives in which I did not ‘learn’. I must learn to be strong, more supportive and dependable to those who need me. I must also develop my spirituality.

The third entity was fat with a round face. Dressed like a clown without the red nose, his message was that I must learn to laugh at, and with, myself. I must not be so self-conscious and I must share my gifts of love and compassion. I gave him a hug.

The fourth entity was more austere and had the appearance of a thin, frail old man. His message was that time is precious. I haven’t fulfilled my potential yet so I must not waste any more time making excuses and I must remove the block to my self-belief.

The fifth entity was feminine, almost mother-like, with a cup of tea in her hand. She was pleased with me and said I must continue to make people feel welcome and to keep my feet firmly on the ground as I develop myself; and my own spirituality.

What I was told by the five entities was extremely relevant. I have been guilty of making excuses and not developing my spirituality or myself. I am now rectifying that and have begun my spiritual journey. I am mindful of all the messages I received as I know they are for my benefit and I look forward to the future with renewed confidence in myself and my abilities.’

Helen Craven TNI trained LBL therapist — a personal journey

My experiences of Past Life Regression had been fascinating and therapeutically beneficial, but had never seemed real. So whilst acknowledging their validity, I felt the subconscious mind to be responsible. Having read Michael Newton’s Journey of Souls, I thought the adventure of an LBL would be interesting, but again suspected it would only bring me deeper into my own subconscious, which was fine, although I secretly craved to experience something even more significant.

Undertaking my first LBL, I knew my trance-state was deep, but the images and clarity were hard-won. In the early stages it still seemed like just my imaginings, but I managed to imagine myself leaving the earth and saw myself in the spirit world. Then I felt a presence on my right hand side. It was huge and white and it enveloped me. At that point I completely left the therapists couch. I was truly there enveloped in the most loving energy and in such a state of perfect bliss that was far beyond my imaginings. My LBL facilitator was urging me to explore, but I wanted to stay in that bliss for ever. I mentally asked the question ‘Do I have to go back?’ and I heard (or sensed) the answer ‘Yes there is still more to do before you can return here’. Knowing there will be a return sustains me still.

As I journeyed on there was a lovely, white-cloaked figure who stayed with me. I asked several times if she (it had more of a female resonance than a male) was my spirit guide and got no clear answer, but sensed she wasn’t.

Many experiences filled the journey, some not quite in keeping with Michael Newton’s book and when I challenged some of the wiser souls — and believe me I can be quite feisty and I was determined not to be hoodwinked by my subconscious — they found it hugely amusing! The laughter was affectionate, not scornful, and not what I was expecting!

As the journey was coming to an end I still hadn’t met my spirit guide — which was bothering me — but the white-cloaked figure was still close by, I decided I had to solve this mystery. I gently took hold of the hood to see inside. The cloak was empty. I was completely mystified until the wise souls told me ‘It’s you — you idiot — step inside’. Suddenly it made perfect sense. ‘And a spirit-guide?’ ‘You’re self-navigating this trip’ I was gleefully told. I wasn’t impressed by that, but their humour was becoming contagious and as they reassured me that they were also there to support me I felt a wonderful sense of relief and joy.

In my meditations and during my work, I sometimes imagine wrapping that cloak around me and I feel closely connected to something that is beyond my physical being and slightly out of reach of my human knowing. The awareness of laughter and humour being such an integral part of the bigger picture balances the challenges that life still throws at me.

Ian Lawtonwriter-researcher specialising in ancient history, esoterica and spiritual philosophy.

I found myself discussing me coming back. I couldn’t see at this point who I was discussing it with, but I knew there were three figures with me, but I wasn’t seeing them on a visual level. I was just aware of their energy. I had a guide with me too, standing just behind me, and this presence helped me to feel comfortable with the strange situation I was in. The ‘spirits of light’ were on a much higher level than my guide and me, and they were dark blue. Communication with the beings was purely telepathic. I understood right away that my previous life had been pretty easy, and that at the previous ‘planning meeting’ I had accepted that if I had an easy one, then I would have to face some tougher ones in the future. They told me that in the next life (my current one) I wouldn’t have so much support because I would be ready to ‘do it on my own’.

I could have a choice of body for my next life. They were all male. All were strong, which made a change because I’ve ended up with weak bodies in past lives. One would travel from an early age, and never really settle down, one would be in the church, and he’d be alone — no wife or family, and the third, the one I chose and am in now, would end up writing. All three options had an aspect of loneliness about them, but I chose this one because I preferred the writing option. I also had a choice of mind sets, and I went for the more intellectual one.

Then I went back the three spirits of light and my guide. I told them that I liked the person who was going to write the books, and they said that’s fine. Then I asked them how it going to be made difficult for me in terms of both getting the job done and the loneliness bit of it. I told them I accepted that it was not going to be an easy life.

I wondered what the purpose of my life as a writer was going to be and they told me that I would achieve a lot of spiritual growth by studying the esoteric in a way I never had before — literally, in both senses of the word, and that the books I would write would be spiritual books, and they were right.

Ian’s latest book is called, Wisdom of The Soul.

How Can You Do This?

Dr Michael Newton PH.D, a pioneer in the field, has devoted almost 40 years of his career as a hypnotherapist to researching the between-lives state. Using his methodology, The Newton Institute (TNI) now concentrates on training qualified hypnotherapists worldwide.

He says, By listening to our inner minds, we can access the truthful answer to age-old questions; ‘Who am I? Where did I come from? Where am I going?’… These memories,carried byour immortal souls, can be recovered with proper guidance from trained therapists and the information can be unlocked by anyone who is capable of achieving a deep hypnosistrance state. There is so much misguided information about death and the afterlife…you owe it to yourself to learn your own truths from your inner-mind and not be told what life is really aboutby someone else. Learning about your life between incarnations is both enlightening and empowering in many aspects; not the least of which will be discovering your own talents, abilities and purpose.

Michael Newton’s two books, Destiny of Souls’ and Journey of Souls’, detail his work.

In her thirty years as a hypnotherapist, Diane Egby Edwards DHP, has also made it a speciality to delve into the realm of ‘between.’

She says:

Diane Egby-EdwardsWhilst living out this present ‘reality’ we may be experiencing life in a thousand other dimensions. This present lifetime feels real because we are completely focussed on it and we have a personal ego-self which tells us that this is all there is, hence our perception of being separate from all other beings. Our deep rooted fearthatwhat the ego tells us is true, that the final separation (death) is true, is strengthened by the culture that we live in that tells us that if we can’t see, touch or smell something then it doesn’t exist. All of this haunts us to such an extent that we fill the sense of isolation with our own particular diversion, be it drugs, alcohol or material goods. Death is the biggest lie!You are not a body with a spirit,you are a spirit with a body.

Deep down we all know that we are eternal, infinite beings of light energy and we shall spend eternity creating our own reality according to our own vibrational pattern, and thatourvibrational pattern will change as we open to theunderstanding of the brilliance of our being. We are not alone, we have never been alone and we never will be alone. Remembering this releases us from fear and enables us to live fully in the present. In this time we have chosen to experience life on a planet that is governed by space and time, everything is born and everything dies.When the moment comes for us to walk out of this present body we shall have as many choices as we have now. When we die we can choose to stay close to the present reality, maybe seeking to make a hasty return to ‘unfinished business’ on the earth plane, or we are able to go into the light, often helped by loved ones or spirit guides.

We may enter a spirit ‘hospital’ if our vibrational energy is in need of healing, maybe we go to ‘school’, beautiful places of learning where we share profound lessonswith others. Or we may find ourselves in the most beautiful of surroundings, similar to lovely places on earth, but different in very subtle ways. Re-union with beloved souls, with whom we’ve shared many incarnations,is often experienced. Remember, there is no suffering here, no pain or decay, just an overwhelming sense of love and oneness. Fromthis beautiful placewe may choose to re-enter the earth plane to help our fellows, and sometimes a group of wise, loving beings will help us to decide the particular path to travel on our return to earth. If there are gaps in our understandingwe may arrange with other souls that they will teach us in the forthcoming incarnation whatever is necessary for us to learn.


Diane Egby-Edwards D.H.P.


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by Jenny Smedley
Based in beautiful Somerset, in the UK, Jenny Smedley is an author, TV and radio presenter/guest, international columnist, and consultant on the subject of past lives. Her own current life was turned around by a vision from her one of her past lives. Problems and issues related to that life were healed and resolved in a few seconds. Jenny has appeared on many TV shows and hundreds of radio shows, including in the UK, USA, Australia, New Zealand, Iceland, Tasmania, The Caribbean, South Africa and Spain. She is the author of many books on past lives and spiritual matters, and has also especially written and narrated a past life meditation CD for you to try at home. Jenny writes 5 regular columns for mainstream magazines in 3 countries, as well as regular articles and features around the world.