Looking At Candidates from the Inside Out by Dr. Nancy Rosanoff

***image1***Is it the right idea to vote for the politician that shares the same concerns and views as you? How many times have you voted for someone, only to discover that the elected politician was unable and/or unwilling to follow through in the direction you voted for?Opinions, points of view and “stands” on current issues, are, perhaps, the least important aspect to consider when voting. The role of elected officials is to govern and use our collective resources for the good of the whole. True governance requires someone without a particular point of view. What we really need are individuals who know how to listen deeply, not just to the special interest of the moment, but to the best interest of all. Visionary leaders can be inspired with new ideas to solve the problems we face, in dialogue with their fellow elected officials. Einstein observed that problems cannot be solved from the same mindset that created them. This implies that solutions come from viewing the problem from a different, more elevated point of view. As voters, our responsibility is to discern who is capable and willing to listen deeply, not just to the special interests demanding attention right now (even our own), but for the creative, inspired idea that will uplift us all and lead us into a future we want to live in. We can look for those seeking office who pass the “Kindergarten Test” by demonstrating that they can “play well with others,” “share,” “take time to reflect,” “look both ways before crossing the street,” “don’t bully others,” “stand up for what is right.” We are looking for the Inter-dependent Candidate. The one who knows that the problems of today will not be solved by the lone-wolf “hero,” but by the “servant leader” who serves what is good for all. True public servants are interested in solving the problems that exist in our communities. They are open to discuss issues with those with very different points of view. They are truthful. These character traits work. They help real solutions happen. Single-focus politicians that do not listen to other points of view, who aggressively think that they are always right cannot possibly cooperate or be open to a new idea. We, as voters, can look beyond the immediate “crisis of the moment” and put into office individuals with the qualities of sincerity, truthfulness, openness to new ideas and cooperativeness. These qualities are more important than the individual stands taken on issues not because the issues are unimportant, but because the quality of governance brought to the job will determine the quality of the outcome. If an elected official goes into a term of office with an “I’ve got to have my own way” attitude, then there will be a season of grandstanding, with no real decisions. If we vote in elected officials who see their job as working well with others to discover good solutions to important problems facing our communities, then we will have real progress.

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Nancy Rosanoff Ph.D. is an intuition consultant and executive producer/host of the television show: The Listening Place, seen on PCTV, channel 76, and available on the website: www.intuitionatwork.com

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by Dr. Nancy Rosanoff
Nancy Rosanoff, PhD., is an intuition consultant and author of three books on intuition. Recently she has been incorporating the deep teachings of Metapsychiatry into her practice and presentations. Dr.Rosanoff also hosts and produces the television talk show "The Listening Place," seen nationally on both American Life Television and The Healthy Living Channel.