Merlian News Podcast with Arthur Molinary

Born with a psychic and mediumistic gift in Gibraltar, Arthur spent his early years in poverty and hardship, having to fight illness, thus forcing him to listen to his inner voices and influencing his then unknown future. His family moved to England when he was nine and he became an excellent bookbinder and eventually practiced his mediumistic gifts.

He is honored and loved in his native Gibraltar where a bronze bust of him is on display. An oil portrait of him hangs in the College of Psychic Studies, alongside great mediums of the past, where he has been top medium for years.

In this podcast Arthur Molinary talks with Merryn Jose about when he first became a professional medium, the difference between working as a ‘psychic’ and working as a ‘medium’. He also discusses guides, predictions, stories of those who have crossed over, and more!

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Arthur Molinary: Medium & Tutor At The College of Psychic Studies

The Little Boy Who Listened: Portrait of a Medium by Ronald Hearn

by Merlian News
Arthur Molinary has been with the College of Psychic Studies for over 20 years, during which time he has proved to be a highly gifted and extremely popular medium who is always in great demand.Born in Gibraltar he speaks English and Spanish and has been psychic since childhood. Since living in England he has become a leading medium who has travelled and worked in Los Angeles, Hollywood and New York, as well as France, Spain, Morocco, Germany, Greece, Austria, Belgium , Cyprus and - of course - Gibraltar.He has given readings to a large number of society people as well as many celebrities. He was the first medium to be allowed to give readings to "lifers" (prisoners in gaol for life sentence).