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www.kalidasmusic.com“Rooted in the Bhakti yoga tradition, my music became a way to honor the lives of some of the great beings that has made my life rich and meaningful. Bhakti yoga consists of channeling all of one’s energy to the Divine. The theory is simple: by thinking of the Divine, by contemplating the Divine , we can become Divine. Bhakti yoga sees the different religions as various paths to God. There are infinite paths actually because there are an infinite amount of beings in the universe. In this tradition, all are embraced. Every one of us has the seed of divinity, no matter how deeply it may be buried.” Kalidas

You can watch Kalidas in interviews and in studio on www.youtube.com or by clicking HERE.

Back to the Mother: The Life of Sacred Music by Kalidas

For more information on the music of Kalidas, visit www.kalidasmusic.com

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Born in India, Kalidas moved to America at the age of five. He graduated from Vanderbilt University and spent the next ten years working in spiritual communities in the Southwest, mainly from the Hindu and Buddhist traditions. He has created three CDs based on his experiences with sacred chant. For more information, visit www.kalidasmusic.com